Tu-Na Travels: Day Six on the Quilt MN Shop Hop: 261 Miles, 9 Shops, Wishing We Drove a Truck

Continuing to drive around the entire state of Minnesota on this quilt shop hop is kind of like a marriage. We made the commitment in the beginning and we are going to see it through to the end.

Have you ever been around someone who is so positive and happy that no matter how tired you feel, you just start to feel energetic and happy and good about yourself?


Someone who welcomes you with open arms.


Diane, the owner of Timeless Treasures Quilt Shop in McGregor, is just that sort of person. This quilt shop has been in business for 13 years. Click here to go to their website for more info.



Timeless Treasures is located at 371 East Highway 210, McGregor, MN. The landlord built this building to look like the saloon in Gunsmoke (a TV Western series that ran from 1955-1975).

Diane has been quilting for 25 years. She says “Life is wonderful. I’m so lucky.” However, I think the quilters living in this area are the lucky ones.



That’s me digging in the wash basin of remnant goodies and, yes, I found some.

Prior to starting her business, she became very sick. During her recovery, her husband asked her, “If you could do anything you  want, what would you do?”  Because she loved quilting, her answer was, “Open a quilt shop.” And so she did. “I’ve met the best people in the world in this shop,” she tells me. 




Diane’s advice for beginning quilters is to enjoy the process, accept that you will make mistakes, and just let yourself have fun with it. Her advice for aspiring quilt shop owners is to realize that there will be times that you will get discouraged and to develop “stick-to-it-ive-ness.”



I left Timeless Treasures having made two new friends and with 4 yards of Amazing Grace fabric that I’d given up hope of ever finding! (Diane, me, and Dakota)


Diane is not the only person working at Timeless Treasures with an infectious smile and personality. Dakota has worked at the shop for only three months. She’s made 10 quilts and is already designing her own patterns. Her advice to a young person looking for summer or part-time work is to, “Get a job at a quilt shop. You’ll meet some of the best people.”




I contacted Dakota later and she had this to say about her experience working at Timeless Treasures. “I absolutely love everyone I meet at the quilt shop and getting to know all the ladies in the hop has been the best thing to happen to me! Everyone of them brightens my day a little more! And I honestly love my job more than anything! Diane is the best part of my day and she appreciates everything I do for her which makes me love her even more!”



The front porch has an inviting bench for weary shop hoppers.


I left that shop a lot happier and with a smile on my face because of these two. When you visit Timeless Treasures Quilt Shop, tell them that Tu-Na sent you and be prepared to leave with a skip in your step.

Because sometimes things are just too good to pass up, I have a second top shop on the hop to share today. Continuing on the journey, we came upon this building in Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids is also the birthplace of Judy Garland; at least that’s what the sign said as we came into town.



ABC’s of Quilting is located inside this historic building at 10 NW 5th St. in Grand Rapids, MN. This school was built in 1895 and was the first high school in northern Minnesota. In the beginning it was used for K-12 students. The school closed in 1972. Several shops, including the quilt shop, are located inside.



On the main floor is a huge split staircase with a balcony all around. It looks incredible and is worth the drive to see it and take a walk up and down.



ABC’s of Quilting is located just to the right of the stairs in the picture above.


This quilt shop opened in 2000. When we visited, the owner had left the shop in Linda and Megan’s capable hands. ABC’s of Quilting offers a longarm service for others and has an online store sending orders around the world. You can click here to visit their website and learn more about them.




Linda and Megan’s advice to new shop owners is to always remember to smile. Megan advises new quilters to keep going and try new things, and not to worry what others think. “Don’t worry about making mistakes.” Linda emphasized.



The shop uses two of the school building’s classrooms.

We continued towards Duluth as we had 4 more shops to complete before day’s end.



Our first sighting of Lake Superior.





Where the water meets the sky. Lake Superior by Duluth.



As we traveled along the North Shore looking for a hotel, we soon discovered everyone else had decided to come here for the weekend. Finally, we found one remaining room at Two Harbors and it offered a free round of mini golf.



Obviously, it’s been awhile since I played mini golf.


Much better, but I still lost by three points.

It just wouldn’t be right to leave the area without a stop at:



What is a Pastie? We had to find out.


We shared the Pastie (pictured on the left. A pastry crust covers chunks of chicken and potatoes and is served with gravy.). Word of warning to prevent embarrassment: Pastie is pronounced past + tee and not with a long A as in paste. I also had the blueberry salad with blueberry dressing which had really small blueberries which I suspected were local.

And we just had to have a piece or two of Betty’s pies. Click here to learn more about Betty’s Pies.



I chose the Great Lakes Pie which had rhubarb, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.


My husband had Turtle Coconut which was delicious–he shared.

And then it was back to our hotel room for a good soak. After all, the only hotel room left when we checked-in was the honeymoon suite.



A king-sized bed and a super big whirlpool tub–the perfect end to a perfect day!


What I Learned Today:

  1. Smiling can be contagious.
  2. No matter how often I hear “Don’t worry what other’s think,” I still worry.
  3. Eating out is fun because someone else does the dishes.


Question: Who or what makes you smile?

22 thoughts on “Tu-Na Travels: Day Six on the Quilt MN Shop Hop: 261 Miles, 9 Shops, Wishing We Drove a Truck

  1. Mom

    Very interesting, pies look so good, the stories are interesting even if you don’t quilt. Makes me want to go to see and shop these wonderful shops. Maybe next year.


  2. Julie Zeigler

    What a fun,upbeat, positive post! I will definitely put McGregor on my list! I have been to the Grand Rapids shop and they are so sweet that they stayed late 1 evening, just so I could get my Row By Row kit when I was coming through town! What a great trip you are having! Thanks for taking us along!


  3. Eileen Rosenau

    I am loving following you on your Quilt Shop Hop adventure! What interesting shops and people you are encountering. My mouth is watering for a piece of that Turtle Coconut Pie! Happy travels!


    1. Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats Post author

      I could have stayed in that old school for days. There are great gift shops and a lunch spot/bakery. I wonder if those kids going to that school appreciated the beauty of that staircase?. If you look close at the pic, you will see it goes up in the front to the landing and then down in the back. No way could we photo it well. Oh, dear we didn’t try it from the balcony looking down. We’ll have to go back but we can’t right now; more adventures are ahead of us.


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