Tu-Na Quilts: Planning Ahead

Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl is having a party!

I want to come too! But I have to satisfy a couple of requirements first: 1. Think about what I want to accomplish with my blog and quilting next year. 2. Write about those goals. 3. Link up to the party. 4. Work on my goals. The first three are easy; the fourth finds life sometimes getting in the way.

Tu-Na’s 2017 Quilting and Blogging Goals

My Blogging Goals for 2017

  1. Continue to write interesting posts. Hopefully, I can get one to two posts written per week. Whether or not my readers find them interesting or not is the real question.
  2. Continue to seek sources of new blogging material. Right now I have lots of ideas for posts and several half-started posts to finish. The story behind the plus quilt is top on my list to finish. 
  3. Participate in the New Quilt Bloggers Hop again. 
  4. Continue to read my old favorite blogs and find some new ones.

My Quilting Goals for 2017

  1. Keep up with the online quilting bees that I’ve joined. 
  2. Design another block or two.
  3. Join in a Quilt-a-long. I’m not sure which one so I’m open to suggestions.
  4. Finish some quilts: Modernitional Bear Paw Quilt (it’s close to done),

    Although this pic doesn’t show it, the top is now finished. I changed the bear from the pattern and it took me a bit to figure it out. I just have to put the back together, quilt, and bind it. Then I’ll write a post about it, too.

    bind my nine-patch (only been waiting 2 years because it’s for me and I let other projects take precedence), white/black and yellow using The Candy Store pattern, Tu-Na Helper’s much deserved quilt using the Quilt MN Shop Hop fabric, my grandson’s minecraft quilt,  and 1930s repro applecore.                    


    This 2016 Quilt MN Shop Hop fabric will be the focal fabric for Tu-Na Helper’s quilt.  He’s always talking about going fishing. I’ve seen sneak peaks of the 2017 Quilt MN fabric line and it also contains fish. I wonder if that will be enough enticement for Tu-Na Helper to come along on the hop again.

  5. Start some new projects: hot air balloons, pillows for my AZ house,
  6. Try a new technique: English Paper Piecing.
  7. Keep working on my ongoing projects and events: continue working on my 1.5″ postage stamp and blog about progress on it, quilt with my mom and sisters,

    postage 1a

    I have cut lots of 1.5″ squares and sewn together lots of them into twos and some into fours. But this is the only piece sewn together in an 8.5″ block. There will be one 2″ piece and 4 half-inch (finished pieces) within each 8″ finished square. But it’s time to get on with this project.

  8. Start and complete training on the longarm quilting machine available in my Arizona housing development.
  9. Find some new quilt shops to visit, possibly through another state shop hop.

That’s a good start on my list of goals. It’ll help keep me focused. 

What I Learned Today:

  1. My days are way too short to accomplish all that I want.
  2. I need to work in my sleep to finish it all up.
  3. Really, my goals with blogging and quilting are to enjoy it, learn something new in the process, and make some beautiful quilts for others.

Question: What’s your goal for today? Will you accomplish it?

13 thoughts on “Tu-Na Quilts: Planning Ahead

  1. smilesfromkate

    That’s a lot of goals, but you are so motivated I’m sure you will so well. Maybe I should have joined you in doing a few posts at once, I do them week by week, which is probably why I miss the occasional one.


  2. jennyfur66

    I so enjoy your posts. Your plans are great and very doable for 2017. Hope Tu Na Helper buys in on the shop hop(s) coming your way. Merry Christmas


  3. davemelvanolan

    Good goals. I finished the last gift on Saturday and realized I have two weeks left in the year to work on finishing an item on my 2016 list. Where in AZ are you? We are planning a trip to Tucson in Jan or Feb. Merry Christmas


  4. Puppilalla

    Hello Karen,
    By your list it looks as if you have another magnificent year of blogging and sewing scheduled for yourself =) The bear paw quilt turned out just darling. The mere thought of making a postage stamp quilt gives me headaches but I am sure looking forward to seeing you making progress with yours.



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