Tu-Na Travels: Day Ten, 171 Miles, 3 Shops, 0 Shops Remaining

Today would be an easy day leading towards a state-wide finish for the 2017 Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop. We learned from last year to allow more time for this last leg so we wouldn’t have quite as dramatic of a finish. See this post and then this post about last year’s amazing race to the finish line.

tunaquilts 5a

My husband and I spent the night at my sister’s log cabin by the lake. We were honored to be given the jungle bedroom. This towel gorilla was waiting for us. We lifted it carefully onto some color so he would photograph well.

We woke in time to attend church with my sister, her husband, and our niece.

tunaquilts 6a

But first we needed a little breakfast. My husband is enjoying his morning cereal or maybe he is he enjoying the view.

As we entered this beautiful Lutheran church, we noticed the gorgeous stained glass windows and the bright and cheery sanctuary. Bonnie told me the congregation had spent quite a lot of money to have those windows professionally cleaned. They sure looked nice and I think it was money well-spent.

While we were sitting and waiting for the service to begin, the pastor was making his rounds around the congregation shaking hands and exchanging morning greetings. When he came to where we were seated, he recognized my husband and I as members of Bonnie’s extended family. We’ve been to church here before with Bonnie and her family for baptisms, confirmations, and visits although it’s been a couple of years. My husband and I told the pastor of our adventures of traveling around the entire state of Minnesota and visiting 63 quilt shops with only 3 left to visit today. The pastor then put his hand on my husband’s shoulder and said, “God Bless You.” He went on to add, “That is very honoring.”

After church, my sister, Bonnie, made us Wild Rice Pancakes with fresh fruit including raspberries freshly picked from her garden. She has quite a green thumb growing all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and weeds. Somehow those weeds just keep coming back year after year. We also had bacon, I think. I’ve learned not to ask what kind of meat she serves as we’ve had a variety of deer, pheasant, salmon, bear, elk and who knows what else since my brother-in-law is an avid hunter and fisherman.

tunaquilts 11a

I almost forgot to get a picture of that delicious breakfast. I guess I didn’t get a picture of that mystery meat.

They offered us the use of their canoe and paddle boat so we could paddle around the lake before we left. My husband was focused on finishing the shop hop today and heading home so he declined and said we’d be back sometime soon and took a rain check. We’re holding her to it!!

tunaquilts 7a

And we were off on the last leg of our adventure. It’s always sad when an adventure has to end but we were excited to get back home to see our new college graduate son who had moved back home to job hunt and our other son, his wife, and our 2-year old grandson who had sold their house and moved in with us until they are able to move into their new house in September.

We entered the This is Sew Broadway shop in Crookston and found Jenn, the owner, there this time. I featured this shop last year but she had been away hosting a bus of quilting shop hoppers so I had visited with her dad instead. You can read more of that post here. We spent a fair amount of time visiting with Jenn, looking around the shop, and making a purchase. Tu-Na Helper reminded me that we needed to be on our way.

The gals at Quilter’s Eden in East Grand Forks were very friendly and we took our time. After getting back into the car, I realized I had forgotten to ask about their block kit so I ran back in and purchased one. Now, we didn’t have as much time as we had thought before the last shop would be closing for the day.

We arrived at our last shop on the 2017 Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop about 30 minutes before closing. We’d be checking out of the Northwest region here and also the state. When we rounded the corner in the Moorhead Center Mall in Moorhead, MN and spied all those ladybugs, I knew I’d found

Today’s Top Shop on the Hop:

Lisa Hage, the owner, was off for the day getting a much-needed couple of days off. She’d left the shop, The Quilted Ladybug,  in Cindy’s and Sarah’s capable hands. Cindy filled me in on some details about this shop while Sarah took care of customers and other shop hoppers still coming into the shop.

tunaquilts 4a

The Quilted Ladybug is located at the Moorhead Center Mall, 420 Center Ave. Suite 2, Moorhead, MN.

Lisa purchased The Quilted Ladybug about three years ago. It had previously been located elsewhere in the city since it’s inception in 2004. Evidently that owner liked Ladybugs and the name continued. You will find ladybugs all over the store from fabric displays to rocks.

tunaquilts 10a

Church Lady apron patterns! I have that pattern and need to get to making one. I always go back to my usual one that I could sew up without a pattern. It’s about time I try something new.

When Lisa purchased the business, she made the decision to move The Quilted Ladybug for several reasons: the current building rent was increasing and also to improve it’s visibility. It is now conveniently located within the Moorhead Center Mall in Moorhead, MN across from Herberger’s and has ample parking. As most business entrepreneurs would say, it’s all about location, location, location.

tunaquilts 21a

Lisa, being the creative person she is and because she had taken graphic design classes, decided to design and write quilt patterns. She created the pattern company, Sew Many Stitches, when she was a stay-at-home mom. Lisa believes that “Quilt patterns should look difficult…not be difficult!” (Excerpt taken from The Ladybug website.) The Quilted Ladybug includes a display of her patterns and you can also see them here on her online shop. Of course, she also made a lot of quilts during that time at home. Her love for pattern designing, fabric, and quilt making all led her to become the owner of The Quilted Ladybug.

tunaquilts 26a

The shop doesn’t house a longarm for quilter’s use or provide professional quilting service but it does offer a longarm drop-off service for 4 professional longarm quilters. Customers can bring in their finished tops, battings, and backings and drop them off to be picked up by one of those professionals with which the customer has pre-arranged. That’s very generous customer service for any shop.

tunaquilts 22a

I noticed their large amount of batik fabrics as well as some bolts of Lori Holt fabrics. In addition to those fabrics, they also have a good supply of other quilting fabrics, flannel, minky, wool, and a variety of patterns. The shop recently became a dealer for Brother sewing machines and are an authorized Brother Service Center servicing all makes and models of sewing machines. I also couldn’t help but notice some NDSU items as well.

tunaquilts 16a

They sell pre-fused, laser cut NDSU applique Bison logos. Good to know! Tu-Na Helper and I are both NDSU graduates as well as 4 of our 5 children. Go Bison!

The shop has a cozy class space making their classes more personal. They offer classes in quilting, embroidery, and bags.

tunaquilts 24a

Cindy Steyer-Lukowiak will soon be saying good-bye to the staff and customers of The Quilted Ladybug as she moves out of state. However, she has fabric plans that will keep her in touch with quilting.

tunaquilts 17a

Cindy’s advice for new quilters is to start with a good beginning class, such as their “Quilting 101” class that The Quilted Ladybug offers. “Once new quilters have been successful at taking that class (or any good beginning class), then they’re hooked,” according to Cindy.

tunaquilts 25a

The black and white quilt in the top center is the quilt made in the Quilting 201 class.

The shop also offers a Quilting 201 class. I suspect the naming of the classes come from the fact that they are located within 20 minutes of 3 major universities and several smaller colleges and trade schools. Sarah is an example of taking that Quilting 101 class and then walking out with a job at the shop. It didn’t take long for her to become hooked.

tunaquilts 13a

Cindy, Me, and Sarah

For more info about The Quilted Ladybug and to discover Lisa’s online offerings, see her website here. When you stop in to see all the lovely fabrics and count the ladybugs, say Hi! to Lisa and the gals. Oh, and when you do, tell them that Tu-Na sent you.

tunaquilts 9a

When we checked out of the Northwest region here, we received these lovely fabrics.

tunaquilts 3a

I chose the Dotalicious Earth Island Batik Strips on the left. My husband chose the Blushing Blooms on the right. Each package has 40 2.5″ strips of delightful fabrics to play with.

We are State Finishers! 10 Days, 3,429 Miles, 66 Shops and Credit Card Debt from a Car Full of Fabrics, Notions, and Patterns

Our passports were verified and stamped. We had made it!!

Over hill. Over dale. We did hit the dusty trail. As the Quilt Hop went rolling along.

tunaquilts 1a

All the stores have applied their store stamp and verified that we did set foot inside. Setting foot inside was easy, leaving was often hard to do. Seeing all the beautiful quilts and other things on display was indeed impressive. I had to leave so much pretty fabric behind. However, I did buy more than enough to keep me busy and productive this year.

The passports sure look different than when we first started out ten days ago. See the originals here.

tunaquilts 2a

Since we completed the entire state visiting all 66 shops, our passports now go into a drawing for an Alaskan cruise!

From 66 Quilt Shops on the Hop all the way down to one, we had been inside every door. Each shop was interesting and unique and I found a lot of things to buy. My only regret was that I wanted to have stayed longer at many of them. Tu-Na Helper’s regret will be coming soon in the mail, the credit card bill.

The mileage listed above includes all of our miles from our front door in Bismarck, North Dakota traveling around Minnesota and back home. It’s been quite an adventure once again. “I think if we don’t win the trip after next year’s hop,” Tu-Na Helper said as he leaned in close to me, “we’ll just have to go and buy the trip ourselves.”

Block of the Day:

tunaquilts 12a

I purchased this super cute block kit from Quilter’s Eden in East Grand Forks, MN. There was no name for it so I think “Porthole View” would be appropriate. I substituted the included background and light green fabrics for 2017 Quilt MN Shop Hop fabric. It just seemed like the right thing to do. Kind of like not grilling pancakes on a Lefse griddle, right Bonnie? Note: If you are making this block, there is a typo on the cutting directions for the background fabric; it should read, cut (16) 1.5″ squares.

Coming Soon:

  • Update on Johnny’s quilt
  • A look at the loot
  • A few words from Tu-Na Helper

What I Learned Today:

  1. We must be slowing down or maybe we just enjoyed this trip more. It took us one more day than last year. We drove 61 less miles and there were 6 less shops on the hop than last year but the car is just as full.
  2. Moms are the last ones to know things about their kids or at least I am. Our new college graduate son now has a job. He received a job offer when we were gone on the hop. Although we talked to him by phone a couple of times, he decided to surprise us with the news when we arrived home. During that time, he had driven to Fargo, 200 miles away, and found himself a brand new apartment. He’ll be moving there in a couple of days and we’ll probably be helping him.
  3. My sister is a very good cook but I already knew that. It’s nice to be reminded.
  4. It feels good to be home.
  5. The car is packed with enough projects to keep me busy all year and then some.
  6. My husband is a wonderful guy but I already knew that, too.

Question: Can you fold a towel or a napkin into an interesting object? Tell me about it. Years ago, when I was a girl scout leader, I showed my group how to fold napkins and bought each of the girls a book on napkin folding. My daughter enjoyed doing that and we often had nicely folded cloth napkins at our table. My sister has a book on towel folding from the Carnival Cruise Line. It must be addicting since every time we visit her, we have a different animal sitting on our bed.

I am home now and trying to get caught up with household tasks and my bee blocks which some are two months behind. I read and appreciated every comment I received. Many of you were happy to hop along with us from the comfort of your easy chair. Some of you wanted to be out shop hopping, too, and maybe next year, you will. And a few of you found Tu-Na Helper and I at the shops and we visited and snapped a couple of pics. It was great fun! Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement.

Thanks for stopping by and do come again.

Karen, Tu-Na Quilts

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All the links to my posts for last year’s Quilt MN Shop Hop can be found at the top of this blog under the Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats title. Click on the Shop Hop tab; in the drop down menu, click on 2016 Quilt MN Shop Hop Posts. You will find pictures and links to each of the posts for that year’s hop.

At this time, I have no affiliation with any of the shops, products, companies, or services that I mention here on Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats.

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14 thoughts on “Tu-Na Travels: Day Ten, 171 Miles, 3 Shops, 0 Shops Remaining

  1. Little Quiltsong

    Thank you again, for all of your lovely posts. Wow – that is so impressive – all your miles, and a complete passport. I hope you win the cruise. Just make sure you share the pictures :)!


  2. rl2b2017

    Hi Karen,
    What a nice end to a wonderful journey. I do have a talent for making folded napkins into a variety of things like a candle. I took a class on a cruise once. Your sister’s place looks fabulous, and that last shop worthy of a long drive visit from this Wisconsinite. ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. Cocoa Quilts

    Karen I am so glad you had a safe trip and are home. Your posts of the hop are always enjoyable. Crossing my fingers that you win the trip!


  4. Gretchen

    I enjoyed traveling along via my chair. If you really want to try an adventure, perhaps you should plan a bus trip of the shop hop. People could travel along, maybe not the whole trip but by the regions. Something to think about.


  5. karenfae

    I’m sure when doing a shop hop in Minnesota one is reminded just how big that state is. I was born in it and lived there for just a little bit before the family moved back to WI in the early 50’s. I had never spent much time in the state until we started to travel in the motor home about 10 years ago we have not covered near the amount of the state that I would like to but we have seen a lot of it now. Thanks for all the info on the quilt shops, one day I’m sure I will see some more of it and well keep an eye out for the shops.


  6. Susan

    I love that you took time to go to church with your sister. When I was going through breast cancer, my daughter got married in Albuquerque and my sister-in-law helped with the service at a Catholic church. My brother’s son got married six weeks later in WV. I didn’t know if I would ever be able to go back again, so I flew my daughter from ABQ and me from Tulsa for the wedding. We went to my SIL’s church. Of course, we were with my brother. One of the member’s approached me and said, “You must be Greg’s sister who we are praying for.” I had no idea that they were praying for me. They had never told me and I was pleased. I had just finished my last chemo treatment and had radiation ahead. At my daughter’s wedding, the oncologist thought the cancer was back and it was not. That’s been 13 years. Enjoy your new graduate. My adult son who is 40 just moved home almost two years ago. It helps me immensely since I have fibromyalgia. Then 5 months later his 2 year old daughter came to live with us. She is four and started Pre-K-4 Tuesday. She thinks she is a big girl now. She takes her backpack and off she goes. We have to take and pick her up every day. She is a riot. She’s one of the smallest and thinks she’s one of the biggest. It’s great for me. I need the rest. My son is working S, S, M. He is trying to get changed to T-F and that will help me so I don’t have her alone on the weekends. It’s been killing me to have her and her brother who is back with his mom. Still loving all the travel news.


  7. Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting

    I really enjoyed the armchair travel with you on the shop hop! I hope to do it some year with my DH. We’ll know some things to look for, after reading about your travels. I didn’t know The Quilted Ladybug had moved. Quite a view from your sister’s home. Wild rice pancakes?! I’m going to look that recipe up! Can’t wait to see your acquisitions now!


  8. Bonnie

    After seeing all those posts of others with Tu-Na, I now realized that I didn’t get a picture with her! Glad you enjoyed your stay here – the light is always left on for family 🙂


  9. dezertsuz

    What a great wind up to a fabulous trip. I think it might be *cheaper* to just buy the cruise. LOL I know you already know how blessed you are to be able to do this. Congratulations to your son on a new job!


  10. thedarlingdogwood

    I can fold a paper napkin into a small basket. It’s a good party trick when there are kids around. I even used it for my “demonstration speech” in my 8th grade English class.

    So excited to have seen your adventure! I am jealous and now REALLY want to do the hop next year. I miss Minnesota! But I think it’s just too far from my North Carolina home.


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