2018 Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop

Click on the underlined titles below to take you to that day’s quilt shop hop post. Enjoy the journey with me.

Tu-Na Travels: On Minnesota Roads Again

♪  59 Quilt Shops on the Hop, 59 Quilt Shops.

Drive up to one. Lay the cash down.

58 Quilt Shops on the Hop  


Tu-Na Travels: Day One, 352 Miles, 10 Quilt Shops, Only 49 Remaining

Discover When Harry met Tu-Na and a look into my decision-making process. Can you relate?

Today’s Top Shop on the Hop is Bear Patch Quilting Co. at White Bear Lake. Read more about it here.


Tu-Na Travels: Day Two, 339 Miles, 9 Shops, 40 Remaining

Today’s Top Shop on the Hop is Knit and Bolt in Minneapolis, MN. Check out the post to see why.

Tu-Na meets little Josephine and her mom.


Tu-Na Quilts: Day Three, 346 Miles, 9 Quilt Shops, 31 Remaining

Oops! Read an apology from Tu-Na and the end of day two before I talk about what happens on day three.

Today’s Top Shop on the Hop is The Quilting Grounds in Norwood Young America, MN. Besides having tons of fabric, they make the best smoothies and coffee drinks!


Tu-Na Travels: Day Four, 251 Miles, 8 Quilt Shops, 23 Remaining

Today’s Top Shop on the Hop is Gathering Friends Quilt Shop in Bird Island, MN.


Tu-Na Travels: Day Five, 419 Miles, 10 Quilt Shops, 13 Remaining

Today’s Top Shop on the Hop is Front Porch Quilts in Walker, MN.

Jennifer, a blog reader, catches up with me…twice.


Tu-Na Quilts: Day Six, 288 Miles, 9 Quilt Shops, 4 Remaining

Read what happens as Tu-Na Helper and  I star in the next quilting thriller: Locked In 

Today’s Top Shop on the Hop is Quilt Corner, Beaver Bay, MN.


Tu-Na Travels: Day Seven, 398 Miles, 4 Quilt Shops, 0 Remaining!

Today’s Top Shop on the Hop is Quilter’s Eden in East Grand Forks, MN.

We are State Finishers of the 2018 Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop

in 7 Days traveling 2,393 Miles visiting 59 Shops 


I never did finish this series of blog posts so you never got to see my loot. I’ll have to see if I can find the pictures since I know I took pictures of it all. In the meantime, please understand that life’s been busy and full for all of us.