Tu-Na Travels: Unexpected “Music to My Ears”

“Happy Anniversary, Honey” my husband said as he started his iPod shuffle. We were driving to visit the kids and grandkids and I had just settled in for a very long 16 hour road trip. Our trip had been delayed a few days and we were leaving the day of our 42nd wedding anniversary.

wedding pic

I breathed a deep sigh as I recalled hearing hours and hours of Money Girl, Sixty Second Science, and Sci-Fi Podcasts on our last several trips. I love road trips but there really is a limit to how many money tips or how much scientific information a brain can absorb in one trip. Let me not forget the uncountable miles I have also spent listening to Garrison Keillor’s “A Prairie Home Companion,” which isn’t really so bad to listen to if I can stay awake.

So imagine my surprise when I hear a voice coming through our car stereo system saying, “Welcome to American Patchwork and Quilting’s Podcast. I am your host, Pat Sloan.” What a guy!




7 thoughts on “Tu-Na Travels: Unexpected “Music to My Ears”

  1. quiltgranny

    Were you a quilter back then? You both look crazy young. It’s hard to believe how fast time flies. Isn’t it?


  2. Tish

    Happy Anniversary!!! And AWWWW that is so sweet of him. My husband loves to listen to audio books on leadership on long car trips and it can be a bit…well…you know.



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