Tu-Na Quilts: Like Mother, Like Daughter

Nothing pleases a mother more than to know that her daughter shares her love for fabric and adventure.


Emilys 4th of July quilt 2aa

My daughter was 24 when she made this quilt using a pattern called “Lincoln” from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.

My daughter tagged along for the weekend on my first Minnesota Quilt Shop Hop adventure a couple of summers ago. I watched as she carefully and deftly rolled red, white, and blue scraps and stuffed them into a small plastic bag hoping it didn’t burst until after she’d paid for it. She told me she was thinking of making a special quilt to sit on to watch the public fireworks display at the Fourth of July celebration in town.

At another shop further down the road, she spied the perfect quilt on display. This shop specialized in Civil War fabrics and she bought the quilt pattern as well as some fabric that coordinated with the scraps she’d purchased earlier. It didn’t take long and she had finished her quilt in plenty of time to use last year.


Emilys 4th of July quilt1aa

The backing is flannel making the quilt very cozy. Using the Bernette sewing machine that “Santa” gave her when she was 16, she free-motion quilted stars amongst a meandering stitch.

My husband and I will be traveling to visit our daughter and her husband later this week and maybe, just maybe they’ll share a corner of that special quilt for us to sit upon while we watch the fireworks—the ones in the sky.

What I learned today:

  1. My daughter is already a talented quilter.
  2. A passion for fabric and quilting is a good trait to have inherited.
  3. No matter how you label “like mother, like daughter” (a phrase, a saying, an idiom, a proverb—even the experts disagree) there’s a lot of truth to it.

Question to Comment: Does your daughter share your passion for quilting or did you inherit your mother’s love for fabric?

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10 thoughts on “Tu-Na Quilts: Like Mother, Like Daughter

  1. jennyfur66

    Unfortunately, my daughter doesn’t have any interest in crafts of any kind or quilting. 😦 Your daughter’s quilt is beautiful and holds lots of memories for you.


  2. kathy finan

    My daughter didn’t inherit my skills from me–hates sewing & doing beading( which I do a lot of.)  The only thing she likes to do is pick out fabrics9LOL). She does her own thing, with working kids, & a lot for the school. She’s a busy mom.KathyF


  3. Jen R

    I don’t have a daughter, but my son, on occasion, will sew with me. He really likes to design patterns for quilts and stuffed animals. My mom doesn’t quilt, but she is very crafty, crocheting is her thing. And she strongly encourages my quilting habit. It is so nice to share that with family.


  4. Jennifer @ Inquiring Quilter

    What a lovely trip to have shared with your daughter! That quilt is indeed special–almost too beautiful to place on the ground. My daughter shares my love of quilting and has made two quilts–one very small and not well made (it was her first) while the second is wonderful! She’s currently working on a third quilt for a friend. i say working, although no progress is being made right now despite the fact that she’s on summer break. Oh well!


  5. Alice Samuel's Quilt co.

    That’s a very lovely quilt and story, she really is already talented. Well I don’t have a daughter yet but I hope my daughter falls in love with Fabric just as much. I probably inherited my mum’s love of sewing, my younger sister is into dressmaking and my brother has helped pieced a block once ☺


  6. Tish

    I keep crossing my figures hoping my daughter will show an interest in quilting, but so far no luck. Your daughter’s quilt is beautiful and love that she made it for the purpose of watching the fireworks as a family. Just warms the heart.


  7. Lisa

    My mother was the type of sewist who often got frustrated with sewing projects and se things aside. I sewed like that as well until I found quilting which is somewhat less frustrating than clothing sewing. My daughter has absolutely no desire to quilt at this point in her life and neither does my son. I’m glad somebodies daughter likes to quilt.



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