Tu-Na Travels: Day One: 635 Miles, 8 Shops, Blew the Budget Already

The alarm rang at 4am signaling that our adventure was about to begin.


By day’s end we had traveled 635 miles, visited 8 quilt shops in Minnesota, and bought many yards of Minnesota fabric.

The first shop was 250 miles away from home. When we arrived, we filled out our passports.



Each shop on the hop will stamp their spot. We will also receive a pattern for a specially shop-designed block and a 5″ square of the Minnesota fabric.


I love road trips as there is so much to see while traveling. Each day on the hop I will choose one amazing shop to showcase here. Picking today’s featured shop was difficult as I had many favorites from which to choose.

And then I found it!


Quilt Haven on Main is located at 7 Main St. in Hutchinson, MN.

Quilt Haven on Main in Hutchinson, MN will be celebrating their 4th year in business in November. Learn more about them here. This is the third year they have been participating in the hop.

As I entered the store, I could tell this was a place with some interesting history.


Interesting signs and other items greet you in the entrance. Be sure to look for their beehive and bee cookie cutters.


When I visited, the owners had left the shop for the day in the good hands of their employees: Marcie, Connie, Linda, and Karen. After talking with these gals, I knew they were partly responsible for putting and keeping the “fun and inspiration” into this shop.


The building was built in 1913 and initially housed a furniture store. However, my husband remembered there was more to this story and I pressed Marcie for more information. She, rather reluctantly, said that furniture stores in that era were responsible for making caskets. Yes, caskets had been made downstairs in this building.

Later, the building became the design studio for Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries with an attached Thimbleberries store. The store and design studio closed in 2012. However, Lynette continues to design for RJR. Sometimes customers ask the staff at Quilt Haven if they still carry “Lake Life,” Lynette’s fabric line.


When visiting this shop, be sure to look up at the original tin ceilings which are found throughout the building including the basement. And don’t forget to look all around at the beautiful quilts on display on the street level as well as upper level.

Speaking of the upper level, Quilt Haven on Main offers “Laughter in the Loft” on the first Friday of every month. The girls will tell you that Laughter in the Loft is the free open-sewing time that is sure to inspire you to create in the presence of friends. Be sure to call ahead ((320) 587-8341 or (888) 843-8215) to reserve your spot as they are often filled. I know if I lived closer, I would be there often to sew and share.

When you visit Quilt Haven on Main, take a walk up and down the “Scarlet O’Hara” staircase so aptly named by Marcie.


“Oh, Rhett, I’ll take a yard of that red one and maybe three of that.”

Marcie, Karen, Connie, and Linda will welcome you to this shop and help you find fabric for every project you have in mind and even some you don’t. But then again, with so much variety to choose from, how can one resist adding some to your stash?

What I learned today:

  1. 4 am is really early.
  2. Whatever I forgot to bring with, I can buy along the way. My husband assures me that they have stores in Minnesota, too.

Question: Have you been to Quilt Haven on Main? If you do visit, tell them Tu-Na sent you.

22 thoughts on “Tu-Na Travels: Day One: 635 Miles, 8 Shops, Blew the Budget Already

  1. Sandra

    Looks like a terrific shop; love that Scarlett staircase and the tin ceiling. “they have stores in Minnesota, too” LOL I chuckled at that! Sounds like my husband. Hope you’ll be showing some of your loot too!


  2. Sharla @ Thistle Thicket Studio

    How fun! I load up my quilty friends (total of 8 of us) every August for our annual Girls’ Road Trip for my birthday. It’s a 3-day quilt shop hop, each year in a different area. This year, we’re headed to Missouri Star Quilt Co. plus another 15 shops in the surrounding area. Quilt Haven looks like an awesome shop! Hope I can go there some day.


  3. dezertsuz

    What a lovely shop. I was in Hutchinson the year before this store opened. Maybe someday I’ll get there again! Love your sense of humor. As you go, are you picking up rows from the row by row? I’m sure at least some of the shops must be doing it.


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