Tu-Na Travels: The 2016 Quilt Minnesota Fabric Loot

This post continues with my journey on the 2016 Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop. In case you want to catch up with all the fun and frivolity, click here to find a link to the free and almost free loot and click here to find a link at the bottom of the page to all the posts about the daily top shops on the hop posts. Now on with the loot disclosure.

This fabric line is a one-time only printing. When the shops run out, it is gone forever.


My husband said, “Share the love.” So I divided up what I wanted and took 2 yards of the orange hash from three different shops.


I said in a previous post that I prefer the hunt and find method to pre-ordering this fabric line. It’s the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.


Two 2 yard cuts of the brown hash and 1 1/2 yards of the green hash made it into the basket.


This approach doesn’t guarantee that I’ll end up with any of this fabric collection, but then again, it is exciting.


These 2 yard cuts will be nice in my MN Quilt but will also work well with other quilts.


This year I was fairly successful in finding what I wanted.


I’m thinking that 1 yard of each of these cuties will be used up all too fast. What was I thinking? It’s also the agony of regret.


It’s always interesting to see which fabric is the most sought-after fabric from the collection. Which will be the one that quilters chase after and regret not buying more of?


I did get bit by these cute bugs and took 2 yards each.


This year there were several: the mosquitoes and the colored fish were gone in a few days.


I got it! At some of the first shops we stopped at, I asked which fabrics they thought would be sell-outs. This one was predicted by three shops. So as soon as I found it, I bought a yard. But….




…a yard is so little. So I found another shop and bought 2 yards. Then my daughter-in-law called and asked if I’d get her some. “I’ll take even a fat quarter if you find some,” she said. It had been 4 days since we had seen any colored fish. Later in the week we found some at a remote shop in the lakes area. So I bought her a yard and took another yard for myself.


Since the colored fish were sold out, someone came up with a brilliant solution to use fabric crayons to color the plain fish. After posting this idea on the Quilt MN Facebook page, it then created a shortage of the plain fish.


Luckily, I had already reeled in 2 yards.


From the Quilt Minnesota Facebook page, many people are still looking for the orange and brown hash too. I was also successful in  catching some other cute fun fabrics from this collection.



Canoes in light and dark–one yard each.



And oars to go with the canoes. Two 2 yard cuts of the brown and 2 yards of the blue oars.


The 2016 MN fabric line had 26 prints, a panel of 4 blocks and a pictorial stripe. While I didn’t get some of each of them—I never intended to, I did get what I liked and wanted to use.


One yard of the blue Trillium and two of the green.



One yard of the orange and two of the blue.


My husband spied a quilt that he liked at one of the shops. I decided he deserved to have one after going with me on this trip. So I’ll use the colored fish and several other prints from this collection to make a special one for him. I also have a couple of other quilt patterns in mind for this collection.   



I just couldn’t resist adding another yard and a half of these hungry looking guys. No bug spray is necessary when using this fabric.


What I Learned Today:

  1. I’d better start sewing a lot faster.
  2. Mosquitos on fabric are a lot nicer than mosquitos on the arm.
  3. Maybe pre-ordering isn’t such a bad idea (Nah-probably not going to happen).

Question: Do you shop faster than you sew or sew faster than you shop?

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41 thoughts on “Tu-Na Travels: The 2016 Quilt Minnesota Fabric Loot

  1. Jennifer Wiltrout

    What wonderful fabrics. Like everyone, I hat mosquitoes, but love all the fabrics with them. Oh, and the canoes, and all the others. You did a great job collecting all the special hop fabrics. I know you husband will love the quilt you make him. Happy stitching!


  2. Melissa

    I’ve been married for 9 years (together for 18) and we’ve gone on 4 shop hops, including the first one on our honeymoon. I think I’ll have to ramp him up to 72 shops! But what an amazing time – I think if I can find a couple of model shops along the route he’d be on board!


  3. Susan

    Orange is my favorite color, so I agree with your purchases of the orange hash fabric! I did preorder some of the 2016 Quilt Mn line, as I did not do the shop hop.😊


  4. Demaris Soso

    Love it, love it, this was so entertaining, a yard of this and 2 yards of that, why stop with that,
    in the future we will be looking forward to seeing pictures of these masterpieces that you will be creating from these lovely fabrics. Congratulations on all your interesting posts and keep up the fun reads.


    1. Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats Post author

      I will need to do some speedy sewing to use up all the loot before next year’s hop. If I need some help using it up I’ll just call my mom and she’ll bring reinforcements and refreshments.

      I am glad you like my posts and find them interesting. They are fun to write. One more post to write about the loot.


  5. Sheila

    I absolutely love the mosquito and canoe prints! These are so Minnesotan! I haven’t sewn many projects lately. Maybe, before I buy anything new, I should dig out and complete some of the projects I do have hidden away!


    1. Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats Post author

      Yes, they are since Minnesota has so many mosquitos! Sometimes a new project helps to rejuvenate the interest. Also working with someone helps too! Most of us quilters have unfinished projects that have lost their luster and sometimes we finish them and sometimes not.


  6. Sandra

    Quelle question! I definitely shop faster than I sew, much to my chagrin. I make quilts in my head SO FAST–!!!! I’d have passed up that mosquito fabric, do NOT like those pests, way too many bad memories of them buzzing in my ears. Funny how they really capitalized on the supply and demand theory for printing the fabrics. Bet these will go the way of Tula fabrics, or close to it! Thanks so much for sharing, looking forward to seeing just what you have in mind for these. My faves are the trillium ones.


    1. Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats Post author

      Yes, the theory of supply and demand in action! Even the threat of low supply makes us all run to the nearest shop and say, “I’ll take a yard, no make that two.” I will have to sew a lot faster than I have the past year. The trillium is definitely one of my favorites. But the colored fish and the retro campers are my top choice.


  7. Kate Heads

    Great post, so entertaining. I do like how you shop and you bought some great fabrics. My favourites are the hash and the fish, unusual for me as I don’t buy novelty fabrics.


  8. Vicki in MN

    Since I am a MN gal, it has been fun to hear about your trip! I didn’t have time to read each post but enjoyed those I did. Which day were you down in Rochester to the Pine Needles shop? I also didn’t have time to participate this year.


    1. Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats Post author

      Thanks. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my journey too! I hope that you’ll be able to participate some year at least for some of the shops. It’s my wish that every quilter could go on a shop hop at least once. I was at Pine Needles on Sunday, July 31st.


  9. Cathy Melancon

    Wht a spectacular haul!!! I really like the MN fabrics and glad you were able to get so much of it! The fish and mosquito fabrics are my faves! You did great and have so many awesome goodies from your trip!! So happy (ahem, jealous) for you!!!!:)


  10. Mama Spark

    I shop faster than I sew for sure! I LOVE the fish and the mosquito prints. If you happen on more and feel like sharing I would happily pay for some too = ) Your post was fantastic! Thanks for sharing.


  11. Sharon Browne

    You are so lucky! To go on the shop hop and come home with such a nice stash to boot! It sounds like a dream come true!


  12. Sandra

    I definitely shop faster than I sew! As much as I hate mosquitoes, I love that fabric. I also like the fabric with the trilliums as it is our Provincial flower here in Ontario. It would be popular here!


  13. Jen R

    What cute fabrics! I just love the little campers and the mosquitoes!
    I find that I go in phases where I will suddenly find tons of fabric and nothing to work on and then I will work from my stash and not even visit a shop for 6 months.


  14. Paige

    I can definitely shop faster than I can sew! What a great fabric collection! I’m guessing that mosquito fabric would not be a hit down south right now.


  15. lapaylor

    wowie! What a trip you’ve been on. I must have some scraps from the words fabric… the green you used for backing? The words are awesome, and perfect for my little quilts… got a scrap to spare? LeeAnna


    1. Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats Post author

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading about my adventures.

      Funny thing about that text fabric; when I found it, I actually thought of you! I checked the selvedge to see if you had designed it. I thought that it would be something that you would have designed if you were designing fabric.

      It was such a good deal and when I told the owner as she was measuring it that I felt like I was stealing it, she said she’d be happy to charge me more if it would make me feel better—I said that I’d get over it.


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