Tu-Na Travels: In Search of the Sun

I can hardly complain about the weather here in North Dakota this fall. It’s been sunny and warm in the mid 70s which is unheard of for this time of year. But I know it won’t last. Winter’s coming and I hear it’s coming on Thursday. So it must be time to seek a warmer and sunnier climate.


My first clue that it’s time to migrate south was when I needed to wear socks with my Birkenstocks. I hardly wear any other kind of shoe. These came directly from Germany. I look a little wild with those striped animal socks.


We will be driving to our other home in sunny Arizona today. I’ve packed lots of fabric from the quilt hop and other sewing projects so I’ll be continuing to create this winter. I’ve got a couple of quilts that have upcoming deadlines but first I have to get settled in for a long but sunny winter.

What I Learned Today:

  1. Deciding what to take from my fabric stash is hard to do. I want to take it all with me but I can’t because space is limited in our Prius.
  2. No one can pack a car like my husband can. My mom can tell you that, too. He has a reputation to uphold and he continues to maintain it.
  3. I’ve probably packed way more projects than I can get done in one winter.

Question: Do you now or would you like to in the future spend the winter where it’s sunny and warm?

9 thoughts on “Tu-Na Travels: In Search of the Sun

  1. Gretchen

    Our son-in-law is attending Arizona State U. I go to visit them in February which is such a delightful change from arctic Northern Indiana. In February 2016 when I visited, I attended the Phoenix AQS show. While I was waiting for them to open the doors to the quilt show, I chatted with the other ladies waiting in line. I remember talking to a lady from N. Dakota. It might have been you! I was there on Friday morning. I’ve checked the AQS schedule for 2017 and I don’t see Phoenix listed which is so sad, I had planned to attend again. Most retirees from our area go to Florida in the winter. After visiting Arizona, I think they are crazy. If we ever go south for the winter, Arizona is definitely where we’re headed. Have a safe journey. Blessings, Gretchen


  2. Sharon Huse

    Where in AZ do you go? I spend a week in Tucson. But someday – longer and longer!!! Safe travels. Sharon

    PS: can you really take too much to plan to sew??


  3. Tracy

    I don’t really ever see that happening for us (plus, our winters in AR aren’t *awful* ) but goodness, yes, I see the appeal of chasing the sun!! I dread fall because it just means winter is coming.
    Safe travels.


  4. Bonnie McMartin

    I hope you didn’t pack too much “quilt stuff”; because I want to be able to have playtime with you, too! And , since , I am not a quilter”………..Are you hoping to get ahead of the storm, by leaving today? Will you be able to reach SVE in two days? Enough questions ! Looking forward to your return! Your North Dakota Buddy!


  5. Mom

    Safe travels and yes, I hope you skirt around the snow storm that is threatening coming across your path down through some of the states.
    It would be nice for us to pack up and travel to AZ too but then Christmas and family leaves us here to enjoy first and then we may be able to pack and head south to. Let me know what all I need to pack up to keep us busy.
    Love, Mom


  6. piecefulwendy

    Safe travels, and enjoy all that sun in Arizona! While I am typing this, we are having a thunderstorm rather than snow, with all the noise and downpours and whatnot. I think we have more rain in our forecast than snow. Hope you got ahead of it!


  7. jennyfur66

    Safe travels and l look forward to hearing all about your trip and Arizona adventures. Where are you in AZ? We are about an hour NW of Las Vegas.



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