Tu-Na Quilts: Tu-Na Likes to Shop at Thrift Stores

I’m planning on linking each Thursday to the I Like Thursday Parties hosted by Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color. There are so many things I like but I want to keep my posts shorter so I’ll focus on one thing that I really like for each of those posts. Look for my “I Like” posts each Thursday.

  1. I like shopping at thrift stores!

 I like—I mean I really like—to shop at thrift stores. I’ve outfitted most of my Arizona kitchen with quality finds from the many thrift stores around here. The Phoenix metro area has over 75 Goodwill stores alone. I haven’t been to all of them yet but I’m working on it.


Call me old-fashioned as I don’t use a computer for designing blocks or quilts but I got really excited when my husband found this new graph notebook for me. Since it was half-price day, I only paid 74 cents for it (they round down).

Besides, Goodwill, there are many other thrift stores, too. In fact, I live within 25 thrift stores in a 10 mile radius of my house. 


Look at this wonderful TV tray table. My AZ sewing group is offering a class on turning these tables into portable ironing boards. Finding this one was a big plus. Cost: only $5.


At a whopping 15 1/4″ x 22 1/4″, it will give me a large surface to press blocks. Plus look at how the legs lock into place (see that black clip) creating a very sturdy pressing station that won’t collapse on me.

My husband shares my joy and we’d rather snoop around a thrift store than go to a movie.


Here’s three yards x 90″ wide each of 100% white (my cost was $1.98) and unbleached cotton muslin ($2.49). I’ll use the unbleached as backing for selvages for my sewing chair in my North Dakota house. I have no idea what I’ll use the white for yet but give me a moment it’ll come to me. The 100% cotton blue with white dots is 1 1/2 yards. Again, I have no specific use for it so I am open to suggestions. I did leave behind a black and white polka dot and have regretted it since.

He shops for Hawaiian shirts and I shop for things I need, some things I don’t, and that one thing that keeps eluding me—not sure what it is but as soon as I find it I’ll be able to stop shopping.


I saved the best for last. Here’s 2 1/4 yards of Holiday Magic designed for Exclusively Quilters ($2.44) and 1 yard of Alexander Henry in black and white (99 cents) .

Up until recently, I have never found any good quilting fabric at a thrift shop. And then it happened—all these quilty finds found all in one day. Now I can hardly wait to get out again.

What I Learned Today:

  1. I love a good deal. I mean I REALLY LOVE A GOOD DEAL. That’s why I like half-price days.
  2. I am still shopping for that one thing I really need/want but really don’t know what it is yet.
  3. I make no distinction between what I need and what I want.
  4. I even shop at thrift stores and regret not buying something even when I could have had it for half-price of practically nothing.

Question: Do you shop at thrift stores? What’s the best deal or item you found there?

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27 thoughts on “Tu-Na Quilts: Tu-Na Likes to Shop at Thrift Stores

  1. Demaris Soso

    Oh, my, yes, I do like to shop at Thrift stores too but tire easily when I can’t find a great bargain. I have high hopes of finding just the right priceless piece sometime. It is great fun and certainly
    worth the effort. My best find was the pink stemware, love them. Keep shopping, Tu-n-a, will be waiting to read of more of your terrific finds.


  2. Jennifer Wiltrout

    What great finds. I regret having gotten rid of my wood TV trays, but that was before learning you could make the portable pressing table.

    I don’t shop thrift stores to often anymore as living in an RV full-time doesn’t provide much room for all the goodies I would see. The best deals were men’s cotton shirts I got at thrift stores in Idaho one summer and made my grandson a Scappy Mountain Majesties quilt from them. A Bonnie Hunter free pattern.

    Love your, “What I Learned” section.


  3. Julie Zeigler

    I love to go “junking” as my family and friends call it! I have found some really great fabrics on occasion as well as awesome cheap clothes made of great fabric to cut up for various projects. Junking is one of my favorite pastimes because you never know what treasures you will find!


  4. Cathy Melancon

    You did very well!! I had only been to a thrift store a couple times when looking for clothes for a Halloween costume! Recently my youngest son (15) had a friend mention going to a thrift store, and he decided he wanted to go, so off we went! I am dying to find some vintage sheets or fabric or even an antique sewing machine. So far nothing!!! After reading your post, I feel the need to get out there again!!!


  5. Gretchen

    I read about all the great things people find at thrift stores but I never find anything. Maybe I just don’t go often enough. I live vicariously through other peoples finds. Blessings!


  6. curlyquilts

    There was a really amazing thrift store in my college town, I would go and find tons of fabric for very cheap when I was first learning about quilting. Plus it was an ASPCA thrift shop so proceeds went to helping animals which is always a plus 🙂


  7. Theresa

    I’m a thrift store, antique mall junkie and I’m responsible for addicting my husband. lol We don’t always come home with something but we really love just looking. 🙂


  8. Diann Bottrell

    I have to admit I don’t shop in thrift stores much, but I really enjoyed your post about it! I did buy a whole bunch of silk ties in our local ARC store, and then my quilt group made scarves out of them. That was fun!


      1. Bonnie

        Do you have a picture of this quilt? What pattern did they use? I like the idea and name. Our church made a fish out of everyone’s material from home.


  9. Jacque

    I too love the thrift shops..or any good bargain. Why anyone would pay full price for anything other than food is beyond me. Unfortunately grocery stores and restaurants aren’t into bargaining. I am a rug hooker and love finding wool clothes that I can recycle..


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  12. Needle and Foot

    Oh my gosh. I love thrifting! I have found tons of fabric. Last month I found a really cute spring jacket and last fall I got a serger sewing machine which I have only used a few times so far. This week I got a piece of chenille that is 72″ x 60″. I have been looking for chenille and hope to back a quilt with it, it is in great shape.
    Nice finds you have here!


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