Tu-Na Quilts: Progress on “She Has Her Mommy’s Nose”

Yes, there is hope that I will finish this little quilt soon. I renamed the quilt in this post. I’ve got a ton of different projects going all at once, some secret sewing and some with deadlines, but I am making some headway with this one. I’ve sewn all the blocks into rows.

tunaquilts elephant 28a

Now just to press the seams, sew the rows together, quilt, and bind. That may sound like a lot but really it’s all down hill from here, at least for me. I’ve already got a quilting motif in mind which is more than half the battle to finishing at this point.

But I do need your help. As I am getting closer to a finish for this sweet quilt, I am thinking ahead and want to select just the right binding for it. I originally bought this peach for the binding but now I am not sure.


Possibility A

But then I started leaning towards the greenish teal.


Possibility B (the coloring is more like the pic above than the one below)

And now I think it could use just a tish of color. I remember how Tish of Tish in Wonderland likes to bind her quilts with a flange. I think you can see that hint of color around the edge best on her many quilts in this post.

Possibility C

I really appreciated all of your comments (see this post) when helping me to decide on the size of this quilt. I was really torn about what to do so I asked the new mommy for her opinion and she said to keep it as is which will be a nice crib-size or toddler bed size.

But this binding is a quilter’s question. So please leave a comment which you think would look best and help me get to a finish: A, B, or C. I thank you very much!!

What I Learned Today:

  1. Decision making is not one of my strengths.
  2. There are a lot of decisions to make when sewing a quilt.
  3. It’s always nice to ask a friend(s) for help.

Question: A, B, or C?

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28 thoughts on “Tu-Na Quilts: Progress on “She Has Her Mommy’s Nose”

  1. Lisa Marie

    C is my favorite. I love the peach fabric, but have never been a fan of light colored bindings as I think they kind of get “lost” — and potentially show dirt. About the only time I might use a light binding is when the binding matches the border. To me, a darker binding frames a quilt. And the flange adds nice detail.


  2. Liz W.

    I like the flange binding idea! A little sliver of peach, with mostly a teal binding, would be perfect, imho!

    By the way, the quilt is so cute with the elephants hiding in it!


  3. onecreativefamily

    Hi there, I don’t know if you do awards here, but I nominated you for a blogging award today. It’s just a neat way for bloggers to get to know each other. Your link is also posted on my page so my readers have a chance to see your awesome craft posts.
    You can either answer the questions on your blog in a post and nominate more people, or you can answer the questions on my post if you’d like. Or, you can skip it. Ha. Here is the link if you want to check it out: /wordpress.com/post/onecreativefamily.wordpress.com/3019 Thanks


  4. Julie Zeigler

    I vote for C! Good luck with your decision! I think picking colors and fabrics is the hardest thing about quilting!


  5. Demaris Soso

    Looks like “C” is the pick of the choices. I liked that too, but it would create more work. Maybe a grey would be the way to go as it would accentuate the elephants and that is what it is all about. We know that everyone can and do have a different opinion, but the final choice is yours, so what will it be?


  6. inquiringquilter

    C is such a great idea1 Looks wonderful. I’m telling you Karen, you are sewing so fast it looks like you are going to get this quilt done before my next Wednesday Wait Loss post, and it’s already Wednesday! Awesome job.


  7. marshaseiberling

    The downfall of looking at other blogs—-now I want to make half square triangles and put them together like that.


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