Tu-Na Travels: Day Two, 334 miles, 7 Shops, Only 48 Shops Remaining

Our daughter joined us for day two of the shop hop. Her list was short: thread. She has a finished quilt top that she needs to sandwich and quilt so she wanted to buy some good thread. I should have taken a picture of all she purchased. By about the fourth shop of the day, she announced, “I only had thread on my list and I haven’t even bought that yet.” She bought patterns and fabric and, eventually, the thread.

tunaquilts 7a

I am ever amazed at how different each section of MN looks. This is between Rochester and Winona. 

We began our day at Bluffview Quilt Shop in Winona. I introduced myself as Tu-Na and my husband as Tu-Na Helper reminding the gals that I had featured their shop last year. The gals at the shop spent a few minutes trying to come up with a name for our daughter. Spoiled Tu-Na was their choice. I think Tu-Na’s Spoiled (pampered) Daughter is just about right; her brothers probably would agree.

tunaquilts 1a

My husband says, “Some lucky guy is going to get these shirts, when the hop is over.” These Quilt MN samples were made by Bluffview Quilt Shop. This fabric line easily lends itself to sewing for the guys. Do I have to make Tu-Na Helper one now? Nope, only if Quilt MN starts designing fabric with a Hawaiian theme.

We arrived at Quilter’s Dream in Montgomery around noon. We discovered a car show happening right outside the shop’s front door. The car show is usually held in conjunction with Kolacky Days. However, this is the first year it coincided with the quilt hop. The car show was a happy bonus for my husband.

tunaquilts 2a

After shopping, we strolled around town a bit looking at the cars and overheard someone talking about going to the bakery to get Kolackys. This bakery happened to be conveniently located on the way to our car so we ducked in to see just what these Kolackys were and why the bakery was jam-packed with waiting customers.

tunaquilts 8a

We had our choice of fillings: Prune, Poppyseed, Apricot, Apple or Raspberry. We resisted taking some of each.

While we were waiting in line for our turn in the bakery, we soon were in the presence of royalty.


tunaquilts 9a

This town knows how to celebrate traditions. Here’s the Kolacky Queen and her royal court.


These were definitely worth the wait.


tunaquilts 3a

We bought a half-dozen of Apricot and a half-dozen of Raspberry.


tunaquilts 4a

They were delicious!

After leaving Montgomery, I could hear rustling and rattling sounds coming from the back seat where Emily was sitting. I was wondering what was going on when she cried out, “I think I got bit………by the quilting bug,” as she continued to sort through her purchases.

We drove past corn fields, past farms and even past a wind farm.


tunaquilts 6a

I took this pic hanging my head and camera out of the car window while my husband was driving 60 mph. I think it turned out rather good.


Towards the end of the day, we came upon:

Today’s Top Shop on the Hop

As we drove up to this cute shop, all I saw was the front porch and the cute rocking chairs begging to be sat in. And so we did.

tunaquilts 13a

As we set foot inside Calico Hutch Quilt Shop in Hayward, we discovered more store samples in one location than I have seen in a long time. The shop also held more bolts of fabric than I could have imagined. There are fabrics to satisfy the taste of just about any quilter.

tunaquilts 14a

I searched the store for the owner to find out how a small town could support such a large shop.


tunaquilts 17a

Carolyn has owned Calico Hutch Quilt Shop for 15 years. However, she worked here for 10 years before buying it. That’s a lot of experience in buying, displaying, teaching, and making customers happy.


Hayward is a very small town with a population of 230 people. However, Carolyn has not let that stop her from making Calico Hutch one of the biggest and best shops around. They are located on the outskirts of town and conveniently located near two interstates, I 90 and I 35. It is the only quilt shop within 60 miles. Even so, their customer base is larger than that area and now boasts shoppers from France, Germany, Australia, and Great Britain all within the past couple of months. I tend to think a lot of hard work has taken place to make this shop successful.

tunaquilts 15a

Calico Hutch began 35 years ago when the previous owner decided to start a quilt store right beside her husband’s service station in downtown Hayward. This station was called Hutch’s Service Corner. When the shop started, calico fabric was about all that was available for purchase. Thus the quilt shop name was born, Calico Hutch. Over time, the shop expanded and moved into it’s present location in a building which once housed a Bobcat dealership and service area. While there is no evidence of grease, your husband just might be willing to visit here with you if you let them know that Bobcats were once sold here.

tunaquilts 16a

Calico Hutch has a staff of 20 to assist customers. In addition to a variety of fabrics, they have wool and hundreds of kits for your pastime pleasure. You can find more information about the store and their online shop on their website here.

tunaquilts 19a

If you are a new quilter, Carolyn says to find a project you would like to do because, “If you like what you’re doing, it will be fun.”


tunaquilts 21a

They also are a Bernina dealer.


I think I found the secrets to this shop’s success in a small town. Besides the friendly and helpful staff, they carry a wide variety of fabrics. Calico Hutch Quilt Shop is easily accessible off two major roads and has ample parking. In addition, they offer many classes,  8 clubs, bus trips, retreats, and participate in shop hops. All of this helps her customers stay current and active in quilting. Active quilters need fabric and when they need fabric a lot of them come to Calico Hutch Quilt Shop. You might like to, too. Oh, and when you do, say hi to Carolyn and the gals, and tell them Tu-Na sent you.



tunaquilts 20a

If I chose a motto for Carolyn, it would be this one. Within the hour I spent with her, I sensed the drive, skill, and compassion that is making this shop successful in a small town.


Block for the Day

The sewing machine hasn’t left the car yet. I used my daughter’s machine when we were staying with them. I just haven’t had time to sew up today’s block. It didn’t take long for me to discover that I’d have to choose between sewing or writing. Writing won, for now.

What I Learned Today:

  1. My daughter still heeds and needs my advice. “When debating between two different patterns, buy them both so there’ll be no regrets later,” I told Emily at the quilt shop when she asked which of the two she should purchase. Later in the car, she announced that she was glad she had decided to buy both of them.
  2. My daughter’s laugh is just like mine. That’s what the gals at Bluffview Quilt Shop told us. We laughed a lot there.
  3. There really is some truth to the phrase “Like mother, like daughter,” at least in the areas of fabric purchases.
  4. There isn’t much time left after we find a hotel and eat dinner in the evenings. Maybe tomorrow will be different.

Question: Have you ever tasted or made a Kolachy? What can you tell me about them? I had two aunts who used to make them. However, they spelled it kolache, and made them because their husbands had grown up eating them. I remember those wonderful, light, and airy buns with poppy seed filling.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments! I am not able to answer each one yet. I do read and appreciate each one and there have been some that have set me to laughing. Keep them coming and eventually, I will respond, probably when I’m back home.

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Congratulations to Jean McKinstry. Thanks to all for entering.

Thanks for stopping by and do come again.

Karen, Tu-Na Quilts

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26 thoughts on “Tu-Na Travels: Day Two, 334 miles, 7 Shops, Only 48 Shops Remaining

  1. Jean McKinstry

    Good advice, but them both. What a wonderful quilt fabric shop, Berninas, and so much more,Those quilts on the wall are stunning. And word won out over sewing… I am so glad to read every one.


  2. Little Quiltsong

    What a great Sewing Shop! Loved hearing the history and how well they keep doing. Loved, loved the last mini pic. I need to make a wall hanging with that for my sewing room. Had to laugh how the ‘quilting bug’ bit your daughter – and how she ‘listens’ to you. Great work :)!


  3. Cocoa Quilts

    It is so fun to hop along with you Karen. I agree with your advice “buy them both”. Safe travel and see you tomorrow.


  4. Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting

    Love seeing all your photos and reading about the shops and Kolacky Days, too. Yes, I’ve had ’em, just a couple days ago. DD bought them at a bake sale and brought them home. Sweet and delicious. No wonder they’re so popular! LOL on your daughter and the quilting bug! How could one resist after seeing so many adorable sample and fabrics!


  5. rl2b2017

    Hi Karen,
    It sounds like another fun day was had by all. I’ve been to Calico Hutch earlier this summer! The thing that really struck me about their shop is how organized they are. Here is the model, and here are the supplies to make it right underneath the model. That and really nice people. Carry on and safe travels. ~smile~ Roseanne


  6. karenfae

    I was born in MN and grew up in WI – I grew up with kolache spelled with the “e” – I always loved the poppyseed but loved the jam type and lemon also. I have never been able to find a decent recipe for them – ours didn’t look the same though – after the dough raised you would put an impression in the middle and the filling went on top – I’m sure there are all kinds of ways to make them.
    It sounds like you are having way too much fun – glad to hear the small town large quilt shop is thriving – the owner must have great business sense which a lot of shop owners do not seem to have


  7. Andrea H

    It looks (and sounds) like you’re having a fantastic time on your shop hop. I didn’t make it to our state’s shop hop this year. I am hoping for next year, though. Have a great week! –Andrea


  8. Carmen

    I have made kolaches a few time. Yes, that is how we spell it, too. One is kolache, more is kolaches. Poppyseed, prune, apricot and cherry are the traditional filling. My grandma made enclosed ones, an aunt made tied kolaches. Ours are the open, Danish style. My 96 year old aunt makes lots, and always has some in her freezer.


  9. Kathleen McCormick

    Another fun day on the tour! I loved the story of the sho and the evolution of your daughter’s nickname! Sounds like you had a blast and I’ll keep my eye out to see if Tu-na helper gets a shirt!


  10. thedarlingdogwood

    My family also spells them kolaches. My grandmother makes them and so does my mom, so I grew up with them. Grandma is from Kansas, but I remember that I could get kolaches at the MN state fair. My favorite are apricot 🙂


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