Tu-Na Quilts: Tish to the Rescue

Tish, who blogs at Tish’s Adventure in Wonderland, has begun a project to help us get our UFO’s to completion.


This is a super cute button!

Since I previously said that 2018 was going to be the year of finishes rather than new project starts, it seems natural to join Tish for some added encouragement. Plus, it’s nice to have cheerleaders and coaches urging one to move forward, to reach higher, to cross the finish line. Besides, I got to meet Tish in person in October at the Quilt Blogger’s Retreat in Ohio and I know that she’ll make a great coach.

My list of UFO’s that I’ve started and need to finish:

  1. The Elephant Quilt because that baby has now had her first birthday and needs her quilt.


    This one needs some correcting to make the rows the same size and then sew the rows together, border, quilt, bind, and send it away to be loved.

  2. The I Wish You A Merry Quilt-A-Long quilt

    tunaquilts 16a

    This one needs to have the sashing made and then blocks sewn together, bordered, quilted, and bound with some candy stripe fabric. I’ve drawn the very fancy sashing on graph paper but that’s as far as it’s gone. I’ve been stumped over the cornerstones and the cutting but I’ll have to take the advice of one of my AZ quilting friends to use some old fabric and try it out.

  3. The Poodle Quilt

    tunaquilts 1a

    My Bee Inspired hive mates and Wendy from My Pieceful Thoughts of My Quilting Life made all but two of these. I only have to sew up 5 more left facing ones, sash, quilt, and bind. All the fabric is purchased and ready to go. This quilt is for my guest room and I’ve got guests coming in February and March.

  4. The Cheerio or Lifesaver Quilt. I can’t even settle on a name for it.

    tunaquilts 2a

    I requested these blocks from my Stash Bee Hive mates in November. I only received from 5 other people but have been reassured from the Queen Bee herself that more will be coming. These are huge at 16.5″ unfinished so once they all arrive, I might only have to make a couple more to give me a nice lap size. I’m thinking of off-setting them so I’ll have to make some “half-eaten” ones for the sides. Then it’s onto sewing them together, deciding border or not, quilting and binding.

  5. The Orange Peel Quilt (using the Wanta Fanta pattern)

    tunaquilts 1a

    This one is my October request from my Blossom Heart Bee. I only received from three other people so I have a lot of these to make to finish off this quilt. It will be my Bee project for the upcoming new year. That way I am assured of making it really scrappy.

  6. Minecraft Quilt for my grandson. This is a gift I was hoping to finish by Christmas this year but now I’m hoping for a birthday finish.
  7. My Postage Stamp quilt has been a UFO for a couple of years already but this one will still take me a few more years yet to get it finished. I’ve got thousands of 1.5″ squares cut and many of them sewn into small blocks but nothing further than that. I still need to cut a few thousand more squares. I will put it on my list just so it doesn’t get forgotten.postage 1a

While I’ve got more UFOs, I really want to move the top six to the done pile. There probably will be other new projects started anyway. In fact, I can think of at least two that need to get started and finished before summer ends. Well, make that three. Ok. Four.

What I Learned Today:

  1. I like to start new projects.
  2. Simple things seem to stall my projects (seams needing ripping) and indecisiveness such as should I add borders or not or should I presoak or which colors should I use.
  3. I’ve got lots of ideas for lots of new quilts that I just have to make.
  4. I can’t say “no” to starting a new project.

Question: What UFO will you move along to a finish this year?

Thanks for stopping by and do come again.

Karen, Tu-Na Quilts

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7 thoughts on “Tu-Na Quilts: Tish to the Rescue

  1. Jean McKinstry

    you are off to a very good start, by listing them for us all to read,Then we can check back to see which one is finished first. My#1 goal is to have my electrician friend re-wire the Gammill machine, and get it onto the frame, and do a trial, or two, or MORE!!! I have the 12 blocks to put together, Yvonne’s wayward transparency to sew together, the 4 huge blocks are all done,I need to decide if I will add border/s. I have something I want to sew by the 25th. Haha!!! not a hope in a hot place at all. but I am sure Hugh will understand that firewood splitting and heaving onto the huge pile took precedence over his iPad bag, However I do have the outer cut out, and the inner part way there. Can I bundle that all up with the thread and say Merry Christmas??


  2. Laura Piland

    That poodle quilt is too cute! I think one of the poodles needs to be pink. Or a pink background. Or a pink border. Hmmm….I’m the queen of indecision too! But I think it should have a bit of pink! I do love finishing WIPS. It feels SO good to finish! Especially when I have a stack that all need just a little bit to get them to the finish line. Good luck as you finish all of these!


  3. kathy70

    I admire how brave you are at just listing your UFO’s. I am ashamed to even count how many I have. Does it become a UFO it I know what I want to make and have all the fabric in the same place? I see we are mostly all in that same UFO cycle. A fellow guild member said we have to stop thinking of those unfinished quilts as friends that we want to spend time with. We spend too much time just hanging out with them, finish and move on is the goal. Good luck. Have a Happy Christmas.


  4. thedarlingdogwood

    You’ve got some really fun projects on this list and I can’t wait to see some of the finished quilts! Poodles especially, of course! Good luck and Merry Christmas!



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