Tu-Na Travels: Back to the Neighbors Again

This time Tu-Na Helper came with.

tunaquilts 11a

We peered into the backyard of our neighbor. Most of the flowers were facing southwest away from us. That meant we had to step into their backyard. This neighbor had said I could come over and check it out when ever I wanted but it still felt like I was spying a bit.

We saw this cactus last night as the buds were opening but it was too dark to take any pictures so we went back this morning. 

tunaquilts 13a

To get the best angle for this picture, I would have had to go into yet another neighbor’s backyard but there’s a bush right there anyway. This is the same cactus I posted about here. You can definitely tell that more blooms are open now and the ones that were open before are long gone.

Just in case you are wondering; I counted 69 blooms. I might have missed one or two.

tunaquilts 10a

I just had to share this one again as it is truly spectacular now.

tunaquilts 12a

What I Learned Today:

  1. Patience and persistence is important.
  2. When we were at the Desert Botanical Gardens on Sunday (pics are coming), I learned that the pistil (female part that grows the seeds) is the larger (star burst) shape in the center of the flower, and the stamen (male part containing the pollen) is the smaller hair like structures around it. Both parts are necessary to carry on the existence of plants.
  3. The bees are busy today!

Question: Do you like to have flowers growing in your garden/yard or do you like to receive floral bouquets? I like having them in my yard so I can enjoy them longer.

Thanks for stopping by and do come again.

Karen, Tu-Na Quilts

14 thoughts on “Tu-Na Travels: Back to the Neighbors Again

  1. Bonnie A.

    Next time you are over at the neighbor’s, take a picture with something (that we would know the size of) by a flower so we can have a point of reference for size! They are gorgeous – can’t wait to see the blooms in your yard 😉


  2. piecefulwendy

    Uh-oh. Double O Tun-Na is on the move! What a beautiful cactus with all those blossoms! Your explanation of pistil and stamen brought back memories of biology class (it was a favorite class). I enjoy flowers and plants in our landscaping (we don’t have a garden), but I’m not a green thumb, so they have to be hardy plants!


  3. Rochelle

    Thank you for “spying” 🙂 on your neighbors plant. So beautiful. I love flowers in the garden (in the house they make me sneeze) and my husband’s bees love them outside, too.


  4. rl2b2017

    Hi Karen,
    I am enjoying the heck out of you snapping these pictures of the neighbors cacti. WOWEE – those blooms are just amazing. I love having flowers blooming in my yard, and have a bunch of them at different times throughout the season. I don’t enjoy having fresh flowers – they die too quickly. In fact, I rarely pick the flowers in my yard! I just enjoy them outside. ~smile~ Roseanne


  5. Leslie Schmidt

    That is one fabulous plant! Great photos. I am also in the group that prefers the flowers in the yard, rather than in the house. Although I do love the scent of flowers when I pass by a bouquet.


  6. Barbara Mitchell

    Your pictures are so beautiful! I just love cactus flowers❤ our blooming cactus always blooms before we leave for the summer too. It is our reminder to never head east too soon! I do enjoy a single rose in a vase especially since my middle name is Rose🌷


  7. thedarlingdogwood

    Tu-Na, I meant to tell you my “yard snooping” story last time you posted pictures of your neighbor’s cactus, but I forgot! When I was in high school, our next-door-neighbor had a lovely rhododendron in his front yard. It happened to be blooming on prom weekend. My mom wanted me & my date to stand in front of it for pictures. I was sooooo embarrassed and really didn’t want to go into the neighbor’s yard. But mom insisted and I still lived at home, so I went even though I didn’t want to get caught in the neighbor’s yard. But we *did* get caught! The neighbor (a bachelor doctor) was thrilled and absolutely loved that we took our prom pictures in his yard. He joked about putting a sign in his yard that said “take your prom pictures here.” And the next spring he asked me when prom was and seemed to really want me to go use his yard for pictures! I was still a little embarrassed, but his reaction was so genuine and now it’s fun to think about prom pictures in front of that rhododendron.

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