Tu-Na Quilts: Fall Into a QAL Block Two Released Today

Today is the release of the second block in our Fall Into a Quilt A-Long.

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This QAL is brought to  you by Partners in Design: Where Friends and Fabric Meet, which includes me this time around.

Partners in design

Presenting the Harvest Basket Block

This Harvest Basket block was designed by April Adams of JANDA Bend Quilts. Please visit her blog where you will be able to download your free pattern.

tunaquilts 1a
This is a fun 12.5″ block. I chose not to turn every other 2.5″ piece around but kept them so the same fabric continues across just like a woven basket.

A Few Recommendations about that Villain Named Bias

This pattern calls for you to cut the 7 1/2″ block in half diagonally creating two triangles. This requires you to sew with a bias edge. This can be tricky. Here’s a couple tips that have helped me so my blocks don’t become stretched out of shape.

  • Starch, Starch, Starch

I starch my fabric that will be cut on the bias BEFORE I even make the first cut. I will even starch both sides of the fabric. Then I give it another starching BEFORE I actually cut it on the bias.

tunaquilts 5a

Lift and press. Lift and press. Lift and press. Don’t slide the iron especially on bias edges. This is a staged photo as I starched the square before I actually cut it into triangles.

I prefer Best Press but any spray starch will work.

  • Pins, Pins, Pins

Use pins to pin the pieces together to reduce the chance of stretching. Just be careful not to sew over them as that can damage the needle and possibly the bobbin and bobbin case.

  • Use Your Walking Feet

Remember when your kindergarten teacher told you to use your walking feet? It also applies to sewing on the bias so use your walking foot if you have one. It will make a difference.

  • Resist the Tug of War

Guide your fabric. Don’t pull it or you could be stretching it out of shape.

Tu-Na’s Other Baskets

I’ve made a few baskets through the years at the North Country Arts and Craft Workshops held near Bemidji, Minnesota but not as many as my sister has. Here’s a few of mine.

tunaquilts 3a

I wove a picnic basket complete with a stenciled lid and a Twining Roses basket whose vines and roses have faded through the years. The denim one in the back is woven with dyed reeds and denim strips cut from jeans. It was not supposed to be this shape but rather a rectangle with straight sides. I call it “my basket with hips” as it tends to flare out in just the right places to make those pockets look good.

Join this QAL

You can join in anytime. Each 12.5″ (unfinished) block will be released every other Tuesday with the last one scheduled for release on October 16th. You are free to make these blocks any way you want. However, if you are wanting to enter the contest, be sure to read the rules found in the Enter to Win section below to make sure your entry counts. The final finished top containing all 12 of these blocks (it doesn’t have to be quilted) link up for the mega giveaway is November 13th at 11:59 EST.

Enter to Win


Special thanks to Omnigrid for supplying a Mesh Project Pouch and April Adams at JANDA Bend Quilts for supplying the Braid in a Day pattern from Quilt in a Day. It can be used to make lap-size through king size quilts and even table runners.  She is a Quilt in a Day Certified Teacher. You can visit her Workshop Page here to request a Quilt in a Day Workshop in your area or visit her Quilt Shop here to see her own patterns.

Entering is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Everyone (You must be 18 to be able to enter to win prizes) gets to participate because International entries are welcome! You do NOT need to have a blog to enter. Hosts and designers are not eligible to win.
  2. Make a block using April’s pattern. Take a picture of it. Slight variations of the pattern are ok such as embellishments but keep your block true to the designed pattern if  you are entering the giveaway. The block should definitely be recognizable as one made from this free pattern. Deviating too much (or substituting a different block entirely) will cause your entry not to be counted. If you have questions if it’s allowed for entry into the giveaway, please ask me before you cut.
  3. Post a picture of your block before 11:59 PM EST, June 11th either on the linky party found on April’s post here, on the Facebook page, or on Instagram #fallintoaqal.

Winners are drawn from the eligible pictured blocks and prizes awarded every other week with a mega grand-prize at the end for a finished quilt top (it doesn’t have to be quilted) using all 12 of the block patterns.

See These Hosts for Inspiration and Tips on Making the Harvest Basket

Thank You to Our Sponsors


Come on Back for the Next Block Release

Join me on June 12th at 12:00am EDT for the release of the third block designed by Sherry Shish of Powered by Quilting.

Don’t Miss out on My Previous Fall into a QAL Posts

Tu-Na Quilts: Big Announcement!!! (QAL introductory post with a schedule of when the blocks are released and a sneak peek at the fabrics that I’ll be using.) Yes, I’m seeing spots!

Tu-Na Quilts: Block One tunaquilts 2a

What I Learned Today:

  1. Waiting for a baby to arrive is hard on Tu-Na, too. He is 12 days overdue. His big brother is thinking he doesn’t want to come out and play.
  2. Tu-Na Helper is very handy. My chocolate fountain stopped working after two hours at my niece’s graduation party on Sunday. He fixed it yesterday. The drive shaft had chocolate inside it.

Question: Have you woven a basket or made one using other methods? Do tell about it. I wove those baskets (pictured above) from reeds and have also made baskets using cloth-covered rope.

At this time I am not affiliated with any goods, products, or services mentioned here on Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats. I just happen to like and use them.

Thanks for stopping by and do come again.

Karen, Tu-Na Quilts

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35 thoughts on “Tu-Na Quilts: Fall Into a QAL Block Two Released Today

  1. Susan

    What fun this block is! I can hardly wait to make mine, but I’ll be away the next two days. Boo, hoo! I’ve some great plaids that might find their way into this project … maybe. Your block is cute as anything. I’m heading over to download my pattern so I can at least dream about it. =) Thanks for sharing your block, as well as your tips. I’ve not woven a basket from reeds, but I did make a couple from fabric-covered cording by wrapping and tying. That was fun.


  2. Velda at the Freckled Fox Quiltery

    Thanks for sharing this basket quilt block. I am still waffling on whether to join the QAL. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I just don’t feel up to applique. And on another note, I feel for the chocolate fountain. I cannot tell you how many times I have had enough chocolate in my drive shaft to make me quit working….terrible but true.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. rl2b2017

    Hi Karen,
    HA – I’m giggling at Velda’s drive shaft comment. I love your fabric choices – this is the polka dot challenge that you were digging through your stash for. I love your woven baskets as well, especially that denim one! Very cool! I did make a couple of woven baskets back in the day – a misshapen Easter basket that now holds a plant, and an oval one that has lost its way. Happy Tuesday! ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. Susan Shaw

    The only thing I’ve ever woven is my daughter’s ring bearer pillow. I wanted to cross stitch a pillow for her, but NO, she wanted a woven ribbon pillow. I was “sick as a dog” with chemo from breast cancer and had no idea how to do the weaving and the ribbon was slippery. She was in Albuquerque and I was in a suburb of Tulsa and had no help. What a mess. She was thrilled with it. My dad used to cane chair bottoms before I knew he did it. I want to kid you that I’m off the hook to usee my walking feet – I didn’t go to kindergarten. Of the three children, only the oldest of us did. We did not have public kindergarten. Mom didn’t have any other children then. With the other two of us, there were other children, so we were short on luck. So, I didn’t learn about walking feet. LOL I don’t know if I have a walking foot for my machine. I did for my one that died. It definitely one fit my new much less expensive one. This one doesn’t even have a drop feed. A new machine is on my wish list after I stop helping to pay for a child custody case. Trial is scheduled for July/August. Of course, that’s the big bucks. Good news – my son should get custody of his 12 year old son. The mom has been on meth and is unemployed. He went from C/D to the A/B honor roll. I love your block. My kids’ dad worked on a pipeline in Bemidji, Minnesota long before I went him. He said he dated a girl that was 6’6″ – he’s 6’7″. Said height was all they had in common.


  5. piecefulwendy

    Your basket is my favorite, so far! Great tips (why do I always forget the starching beforehand?). I’ve never woven a basket, but I think it might be fun. I’m still giggling at Velda’s comment. Haha


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  7. Patty

    Velda definitely deserves a prize for her humor. I’ll happily send her some chocolate for the chuckles but you deserve some too for asking great questions and getting us involved! lmk where to send it. You’ll both be quite happy…:)


    1. Brenda~Songbird Designs

      Oh…I’ve never woven a basket – tried crocheting one once, but we won’t talk about that!!


  8. Barbara Mitchell

    Love your basket block…I am obsessed with polka dots this year! Your baskets are lovely…is there any craft you haven’t done! You are so talented…no I have never tried making baskets..


  9. Sparkle On with Abbie

    Hi Karen, your basket is so cheery! I love the fabrics you are using. Oh I wish I had starched my handle piece, it did have some stretching, great tip!
    Your woven baskets are beautiful. I’ve never tried weaving, I think it takes a special talent 😊


  10. rl2b2017

    Hi again,
    I do indeed think that Velda deserves a chocolate prize for her humor and wit that she displays in her comments. She is a true gem, as are you!
    Happy Wednesday! ~smile~ Roseanne


  11. inquiringquilter

    What a talented gal you are! No, I’ve never woven a basket, but yours are wonderful! Love your block as well.


  12. Leslie Schmidt

    All your polka dots are looking good! Cute block. I’m super impressed with your basket weaving abilities. I’m kind of partial to the hippy one. I guess I just relate.


  13. Pingback: Fall Into a QAL Block 2 Release! | Sparkle On!

  14. dreamworthyquilts

    Your basket is adorable. I love polka dots!

    The QAL looks fun but I am already involved in too many quilt projects.


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