Tu-Na Quilts: How Can a Flower be Manly?

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I caught Tu-Na Helper setting his coffee cup on the bare, wooden, TV tray. So I thought I’d make him a new mug rug.

tunaquilts 10a

I chose some manly flowered fabric and this free pattern by Sewhooked found here. I wanted to include some of Tu-Na Helper’s favorite things so I sewed this pretzel and bound it with wood look fabric since he enjoys making wood bowls.

When I pointed out to him that I’d used manly flowers, he questioned, “Is there such a thing as manly flowers?”

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Tuesday, June 12th

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Why Knot Kwilt

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What I Learned Today:

  1. Being sick is not fun.
  2. Waiting to the last minute to finish a post, means that it doesn’t get done because of #1.
  3. It all started when Tu-Na Helper woke up with a headache on Monday morning.
  4. When he gets something, I must need to have it, too. Things went worse from there for the both of us.
  5. I like pretzels, too, so if Tu-Na Helper doesn’t use this mug rug, I will.

Question: What do you snack on? Right now I don’t want to eat anything…ever again. Well, maybe for a day or two.

Thanks for stopping by and do come again.

Karen, Tu-Na Quilts

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36 thoughts on “Tu-Na Quilts: How Can a Flower be Manly?

  1. Kathleen McCormick

    A great mug rug and I do think flowers can be manly. The pretzel is sweet. Sorry you were sick and hope you feel better. I am snacking on Trader Joe’s trail mix in individual bags (cause I’d eat a lot more of it weren’t portioned.


  2. dezertsuz

    I’m so sorry you are sick! The mug rug is great, and how much manlier can you get than brown and blue? Besides, it takes a real man to use or wear flowers. =) I’m thinking of snacking on cottage cheese and peaches, but a pretzel would work, too!


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  4. Leslie Schmidt

    I hope you two are feeling better now. The mug rug is really charming. I like your “salty” fabric for the pretzel. I like pretzels, too, but unfortunately, what I seem to turn to most frequently for snacks is chocolate.


  5. Elizabeth

    You did a great job “man-ning up” those flowers with the pretzel and the wood binding! My favorite snack, unfortunately for my waist line, is ice cream!


  6. Carla

    Truly a one of a kind mug rug with very pretty flowers. Hope you feel better soon! Thank you so much for joining Where Flowers Bloom. We needed a little manpower for inspiration too.


  7. Carol Kussart

    Nice mug rug. I probably enjoy dark chocolate and nuts as my favorite snacks. Hope you feel better soon, so you can eat your pretzels! Thanks for sharing!


  8. Lisa

    Love your pretzel with it’s lovely Manly flowers. Hope you are feeling better. I like to snack on nuts…or cheese on crackers with jam.


  9. selina

    Ok, if you need manly you succeeded. If you needed to use flowers you succeeded. and if you wanted to give us all a case of the munchies you succeeded there too. 3 for 3 you definitely win.
    As for my munchie preference, that would be nuts preferably coated in dark chocolate. Feel better.


  10. Carol S.

    We shared a bug a few weeks ago…ugh…I feel for you! Food was not appealing at all. I hope you feel better soon! I th


  11. joan

    Too sick for even pretzels…oh no! LOL!! Hope you get to feeling better soon, cause there are pretzels to consume. I’ll have one for you! winky winky. I’m going to have to find that pattern. LOVE IT!


  12. Tish

    When they are blue on a brown background I vote manly flowers 🙂 This is such a sweet little mat for TuNa Helper…now you just have to wait to see if he uses it. I do hope you both feel better very soon!


  13. Lj Meyers

    I do like snacking…chocolatey and nutty things are superb. I may agree with your hubby as I’m not sure there is a manly flower though man can love flowers. Cute mug rug with the pretzel. Take care and get well soon.


  14. princessrr

    You have made me homesick for all he Sgt pretzels they sell everywhere in Philadelphia. When I fly in to get to y family n DE even the car rental agency we use gives out FREE soft pretzels. I’m dying here with so any showing off bulb flowers that I love and can t grow in my part of FL 😦 But really Thank you for the pattern. You know this one WILL be made by the weekend! Hope you feel better. quiltyladyrr@gmail.com


  15. seamstobesew

    LoL Karen, you so know how to make me laugh… I love visiting your blog… I think the fabric is a perfect choice for manly stuff, a man probably wouldn’t even notice they are flowers. I hope you are feeling better.


  16. Barbara Mitchell

    So sorry you two have been sick….with all your creativity and energy…..I almost thought you were invincible! The pretzel theme is adorable!


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  18. Brenda~Songbird Designs

    I bet Tu-Na helper loved his treat! I always enjoy reading what you’ve learned each post! Feel better soon, Karen!


  19. inquiringquilter

    Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. But your manly mug rug is sure cute! Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.


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