Tu-Na Quilts: Pumpkins at the Palace

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Thanks to Carla at Creatin’ in the Sticks for hosting this festive event. See below for a list of other bloggers showcasing some quilty pumpkins this week.

I’ve got a pumpkin project to show but before I do, I have a few pictures of a real European  Pumpkin Festival.

Tu-Na Helper and I spent more than two weeks this past summer in Germany. One of the many beautiful places we visited included the Palace at Ludwigsburg.

tunaquilts 19a

If my memory serves me correctly, castles in Germany were used to protect the country but royalty lived in palaces.

This particular palace was hosting a pumpkin festival on the rear grounds. Once we finished touring the inside, we moseyed around to the exterior. 

tunaquilts 5a

We saw pumpkins of every shape and size.

tunaquilts 3a

Some we’ve seen here in our part of the U.S.

tunaquilts 2a

and some we’ve never seen before.

tunaquilts 1a

I’ve been to our local pumpkin patch but they don’t have the impressive displays that we saw at the palace.

tunaquilts 20a

Yes, this horse is sporting a pumpkin body.

There were displays of birds and bees,

tunaquilts 18a

tunaquilts 13a

rabbits and foxes,

tunaquilts 16a

tunaquilts 15a


tunaquilts 14a

insects and arachnids,

tunaquilts 17a
tunaquilts 22a

tunaquilts 21a

squirrels and even a moose.

tunaquilts 8a

tunaquilts 10a

We saw impressively carved pumpkins

tunaquilts 9a

and pumpkins of many sizes including the one that holds the largest pumpkin award on German record.

tunaquilts 11a

At least I think that’s what the sign below the pumpkin read.

tunaquilts 12a

With all this pumpkin inspiration, I decided to make Tu-Na Helper a new mug rug. We do like our coffee and he doesn’t have a fall-themed mug rug.

I had just purchased EQ 8 to help me design block patterns and quilts. They recently emailed a lesson that include a paper pieced pumpkin. I opened that block in my new program and made it smaller, added the lettering, and pushed the print button. 
tunaquilts 25a

After all I am referred to as the Queen of the Tiny Pieces by some of my friends.

tunaquilts 26a

After picking out the fabrics I set to work. 

tunaquilts 33a

I use a heavy card to lay my Add-A-Quarter ruler against.

I do like paper piecing.

tunaquilts 34a

Before long, I had finished sewing that little pumpkin

tunaquilts 27a

which was now ready for quilting.

tunaquilts 28a

I didn’t pin or spray baste the piece as it was only 5.5″.

All it needs now is the binding 

tunaquilts 29a

I chose my favorite crosshatch quilting.

but there wasn’t time to sew that on before our annual migration south.

tunaquilts 30a

The back

I actually left ND a week ago and am taking the scenic route visiting our daughter in Austin, Texas before arriving at our winter home in Arizona.

tunaquilts 31a

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What I Learned Today:

  1. I am hungry for pumpkin pie. That might be because of looking at all the pictures of pumpkins or maybe that’s because I am getting tired of apple pies.
  2. Tu-Na Helper sure knows how to stuff a Prius full. We are taking lots of apples to our daughter.
  3. I think my other mug rugs in AZ are smaller. I might have to remake this one so it will match the others in size. I’ll know in a few days.

Question: How do you like your pumpkin: baked in a pie, displayed on the table, or quilted? I do like a good homemade pumpkin pie but this little pumpkin is so cute.

Thanks for stopping by and do come again.

Karen, Tu-Na Quilts

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64 thoughts on “Tu-Na Quilts: Pumpkins at the Palace

  1. Lisa Marie

    I have never seen a pumpkin display quite like the one in Germany, so amazing! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. I like pumpkins for decorating and for eating!


  2. thedarlingdogwood

    Wow! Those are some impressive pumpkin sculptures!!! Your mug rug looks great! I hope you enjoy your trip to AZ. I would probably pick apple pie over pumpkin, but I love pumpkin baked goods! Pumpkin bread is my favorite. So moist and yummy!!!!


  3. daneesey

    Your mug rug is really cute! Isn’t it cool that EQ allows you to take a design and resize it easily to fit your needs? Love technology! We had a great day at our local Botanical Gardens that had lots of fun pumpkin displays, similar to yours. People are so creative! 🙂


  4. piecefulwendy

    Hey, Karen! I’ve missed you. I have to say that I am not a fan of pumpkin, so I don’t really eat it much. Now and then I will have a piece of pumpkin pie for tradition’s sake. Pumpkins on quilts is a whole different matter, and I love your little mug rug! I didn’t know EQ8 sent out little lessons. Hmm. I just got the program awhile ago. I’ll have to check that out. Safe travels in your journey to AZ!


  5. karenfae

    pumpkin pie for sure is how I like my pumpkins – have fun in Arizona – it sure was fun visiting your part of the world on my recent trip – have a good Arizona winter


  6. KJ

    Wow, thanks for sharing the pumpkin festival pics. Those displays are amazing. Love your mug rug. It will be interesting if you have to make a smaller version. I love displaying pumpkins for Halloween and then roasting the seeds for snacks. I never developed a taste for pumpkin pie.


  7. Charlene McCain

    Darling little coaster. Your color choices are great. I really enjoyed seeing your pictures of the pumpkin displays in Germany. Very interesting! The fox was my favorite. I definitely like my pumpkin baked into a sweet pie!


  8. rl2b2017

    Hi Karen! Lots of fun pictures, and an adorable pumpkin mug rug. I want to love paper piecing, and 2019 is the year of PP for me. I’ll either love or hate it, but it is going to be my focus. I hope you are enjoying your daughter, and wish you safe travels. I know Tu-Na Helper can really pack a Prius because of all of your MN blog hop travels. He’s the master!! I hope once you make it to your winter home you post more often. I’ve missed you!! Happy Monday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


  9. Rosalind Gutierrez

    Those are some Wow pumpkin pictures and now you are making me hungry for pumpkin pie. Love that cinnamon nutmeg aroma coming from the oven. Pass the whip cream.


  10. Jayne P

    The pumpkin displays were amazing, I’ve never seen anything like that before. Your mug rug is so cute. Thank you for sharing


  11. Carol S.

    I’ve never seen displays at our local pumpkin patch using pumpkins like those in Germany. Wow! It really looks like an amazing place to visit. Wow, again! I love EQ8 and all the designs that are already included in them. That pumpkin is adorable! Have a fun and safe drive home.


  12. Bonnie

    What fun pumpkin displays they have in Germany! I think you should plant a pumpkin patch to go with your apple orchard…just saying…


  13. Joan

    Oh Karen, I’m so glad you shared your incredible photos with us. What a fabulous place to visit. The imagination is just incredible. I have to say, I’m looking at the big pumpkin spiders, and my mind is racing! LOL!! Watch out yard next year!


  14. ShirleyC

    That was an awesome festival! I love the mug rug. I won the EQ8 program. Please tell me it’s easy to use!
    I don’t eat pumpkin so I’d pick display or quilted! LOL


  15. Lj Meyers

    Thanks for sharing all those striking pumpkin photos. The art work (which only can last so long) was outstanding. Love your mug rug. Smaller sure – but you could make it a bit bigger and then just add a pumpkin cookie or two with the coffee. 🙂 My husband’s favorite pie is pumpkin – I should make it more often. But…we also love pumpkin bars and I do make them more often. I like pumpkin – any old way.


  16. farmquilter

    What fun pumpkins!!! I like the gnarly white ones the best! Adorable mug rug for hubby and I know it will get lots of use. Have fun in Arizona with your daughter!!


  17. Sharon

    We will be heading south to Texas after Christmas! I love my EQ8 and have not made the cute pumpkin…great idea for a quick mug rug! Thanks for sharing all the awesome pumpkin pics! Safe travels!


  18. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pumpkin pics! And your mug rug!! I am not a big fan of the flavor of pumpkin (I’m more of a sweet potato kinda girl!!), so my favorite pumpkin would be quilted – or embroidered!!


  19. kathy pfaltzgraff

    wow, the pumpkin “sculptures” were great, but I am a fan of both pumpkin pie and quilted pumpkin accessories. Keep up the good work. Kathy in Colo


  20. Colette

    I love pumpkin pie, and when I stopped using the canned and started making my own from the sugar pumpkins….OH My! Cute mug rug.


  21. Robin RK

    Thanks for sharing your German pictures, they would make beautiful fabric. Enjoy your time with your family. Oh, I prefer deep dish pumpkin pie!.


  22. lv2bquilting2

    What wonderful pictures, and how imaginative the creators of these scenes are. Also like your mug rug…..the colors are so vivid, but not a fan of paper piecing, so I just look and appreciate.


  23. Pat

    Cute mug rug. That display of pumpkins is the most creative I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing in the hop. I love pumpkin season … 🙂 Pat


  24. sandi

    I like pumpkins in all of the above! Those picture of the pumpkin festival were amazing! Your mug rug is cute. Thanks for sharing.


  25. Leslie Schmidt

    I didn’t know there were so many varieties of pumpkin. I’ll never get to Germany, so thanks for the travel tour. I think I prefer my pumpkins in bars. I haven’t made them in many years. Your mug rug is very cute. I like your quilting choice.


  26. Cathy Melancon

    What an amazing display of pumpkins! I love the different colored ones. I am blown away with these displays made of pumpkins! Holy cow!! So big and creative!! I love your little mug rug! Perfect! And I do love pumpkin pie! Yum yum!!! Safe travels to AZ!!


  27. dezertsuz

    I’m so jealous you are going to Arizona for the winter. I’d like to be back there year-round, but that will be a while. Thank you for sharing the pumpkin festival photos. Those were great! I cannot imagine living in a place like that – certainly you’d want plenty of helpers! Safe journeys, and thanks for sharing your tiny little pumpkin, too!


  28. Carla

    Wow, Karen, I’ve never seen anything like those pumpkin sculptures. Thank you, so much, for sharing those pictures. What an experience. You’ve created the cutest mug rug and I love the quilting you did. Thank you for joining the Pick a Pumpkin blog hop. Safe travels to you.


  29. Barbara Neiwert

    You are the queen of tiny pieces! Perfect for a mug rug. Thanks for sharing your photos of the pumpkin festival – how very interesting to see all the creativity.


  30. Carol Kussart

    That display in Germany is awesome! I’m glad you shared photos of it. The mug rug is neat–great creation! I like pumpkins for decorations best–pie is good, but being able to see them out on display for a long period of time is even better. Thanks for sharing!


  31. Susan

    I like pumpkin in bread, chili/soup, actually, most any way to eat it. Even the seeds (roasted of course).
    I also wonder what happens to all of those pumpkins/gourds after the festival is over.


  32. Maryellen McAuliffe

    Awesome photos of all the pumpkin sculptures and your little mini is so cute. I love chocolate pumpkin cupcakes with pumpkin creamcheese icing (recipe from Panera). Thanks!


  33. inquiringquilter

    That pumpkin festival was amazing! Thanks so much for sharing it and your mug rug on Wednesday Wait Loss. So cool.


  34. seamstobesew

    Germany does have some AMAZING castles. I don’t think we ever visited that one, but we had one probably just as large in Wurzburg when we were there. It was HUGE!!! We lived less than a mile away from it actually. We visited many castles tho while we lived there and saw many really cool festivals and this time of year just reminds me of the infamous Octoberfest that goes on during October, and come December is all the wonderful Christmas Festivals by the artisans.. such wonderful memories and you brought all of that flooding back today.

    To answer your question… I like pumpkin pie in my mouth… yum, yum, yum… I have a hard time thinking of it any other way.

    I love the little coaster tho, that’s quite cool and it’s wonderful that you’re enjoying your new EQ. 🙂


  35. Susan Shaw

    Wow, what great creations with pumpkins in Germany. I adore Tuna Helper’s pumpkin mug rug. I hope that your route to/from Arizona brings you close to Tulsa sometime and we can meet in person. I live in a southeast bedroom community of Tulsa and have for over 39 years. It’s easy to remember when we bought the house – it was 2 weeks before my daughter was born when we were moving. I hope your daughter likes apples. I forgot that I love Waldorf salad with apples when you were asking for suggestions – of course, I use fresh apples for that. My best friend’s sister lives in Austin. I’ve never been there – or Germany. It’s nice to be able to see places through pictures. Thanks for a great post. I hadn’t thought about it being time to go back to Arizona – it’s been warm here until just lately. We may have a light freeze on Friday here and we haven’t really needed coats yet.


  36. Dione @ Clever Chameleon

    Thanks for sharing your pictures from the German pumpkin display. 🙂 I love the creativity and it brought back lots of memories too. In answer to your question on my bog, my pumpkin display pictures are also from Germany, but I don’t think that will surprise you given the similarities. Specifically, my pictures are from Europa Park (about 175km from Ludwigsburg).Love the cross-hatch texture on your little mug rug.


  37. Kate

    Those are some really, really cool pumpkin displays! Your pumpkin mug rug turned out very cute. Save travels as you move to warmer pastures for the winter.


  38. Sandra Walker

    LOL Karen you two really DO take the scenic route to AZ! Darling little coaster; hmm, I’ll have to read that EQ newsletter and download that pattern. I really appreciate their free fabric collections each month to download. What a fabulous trip, but that pumpkin art is over the top! Love the squirrel especially, and you know why!



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