Tu-Na Quilts: Bee Blocks

2017 Bee Blocks


I sewed and mailed the above blocks in January. Find the pattern links here (Tu-Na Quilts: The Three Bees).


I sewed and mailed the above blocks in February. Find the pattern links here (Tu-Na Quilts: February Bee Blocks and the Postage Saga).



I sewed two blocks for each Bee mate. Read my post here (Tu-Na Quilts: Catching up with the March Bee Blocks and the Continuing Postage Saga) to find out why and also to get the pattern links.


Read about these Bee blocks and find links to the patterns here (Tu-Na Quilts: April Bee Blocks are Done and Mailed). Those crow blocks took on a personality by themselves and I wrote another post with their letter of introduction that I mailed with them to their new owner. You can read it here (Tu-Na Quilts: Velda’s Crows) and also take a Crow Quiz to see if you can match the crow with their name.


Aren’t those cats cute? But the star on the left has been added to my “make for myself” list. You can read more about these blocks and get pattern links here (Tu-Na Quilts: The May Bee Blocks Were on Their Way Before Month’s End).







tunaquilts 3a

The pine trees went to Paige in South Carolina. You can find the free pattern link here


tunaquilts 3a

I finished this Bee Block and mailed it to Emily in North Carolina. It didn’t get done until Feb. 2018 but I did go above and beyond with it. You can read more about it here as well as my guest post on the Bee Inspired blog here.

2018 Bee Blocks

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