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April 22, 2016

The story behind Tu-Na originated last fall when I asked my five year old grandson, “What do you call me?” “Nana” he replied. I turned to my four year old grandson, seated across the table from him and asked  “What do you call me?” “Tutu” he replied. “So,” I asked, “What should the new baby call me?” as I pointed to my newest grandson being held by his mother. After a couple of seconds, my five year old grandson’s face brightened and he exclaimed “Tu-Na.” It was priceless!

While none of the boys call me Tu-Na as they each have their own names for me, the name is cute because of how it started. I wasn’t ready to be called grandma when the oldest was born so Nana seemed like a good idea. When the second grandson came along his mother didn’t want him calling me a name that is so close to banana that most kids say nana for anyway. Since my husband and I had just returned from a trip to Hawaii and learned that Tutu is Hawaiian for grandmother, that word seemed like a good idea.

This blog will be a document of my journey as Tu-Na and will feature the things I love. Although it will mostly feature my quilting experiences, I plan to sprinkle in some of my other life passions such as traveling and cooking/baking.

Having spent years raising four sons and a daughter in the lovely state of North Dakota, I rejoined the work force only to decide to retire and concentrate on doing the things I really enjoy. Join me as I quilt, travel, and eat.