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Tu-Na Travels: The Free and Almost-Free Loot

Was it just my own mom, or did yours, too, prolong the agony on Christmas Eve? Before we could open gifts, we had to have every dish, pot, pan, and cookie sheet washed, dried, and put away. There were a lot of them because she had been making Christmas cookies all day long.

I’ve read from your comments that a lot of you have been wondering and waiting patiently for me to unwrap and reveal  my loot from my 2016 Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop.  Click here to find a link towards the bottom of the page that lists all the posts about that fun trip.

Let’s see just what snagged my line and made me cast my credit card to be netted and put in that cool treasure chest pictured on my last post. First up is the FREE STUFF! ’cause we all love FREE!

Each of the 72 participating shops provided every shop hopper with an 8″ finished pattern designed by their shop.


Here’s all 72 patterns I got!

Each shop on the hop also gave each hopper a 5″ square of the 2016 Quilt Minnesota Fabric.


I got from 1-4 squares of each of 25 prints. I was only missing one print-the parchment.

Here’s some close-ups of my favorites. Did I take the bait or keep on swimming by? You will find out on the next post whether I was able to catch any or regret not having pre-ordered. I can’t reveal all my woes or I’ll have nothing left to write. In the meantime, I have loads of free and almost-free stuff to reveal.


The colored fish would be the first one to sell-out within a few days after the shop hop started. Will I have predicted it and bought early on the hop or not?


Cute little retro campers would also be in short supply. These could also be found with an olive background, if you were lucky.


Everyone also loved those mosquitoes in either the tan or aqua background. Who could resist those buggy eyes? Obviously no one, since it also was a sell-out. Did I get bit or was I left sitting on the bank wishing I would have thrown in the line a little earlier?

All of the participating shops on the hop were also participating in the Row by Row and I used this opportunity to collect the patterns from all….


except one shop, that is. There’s only 71 Row by Row patterns here. We were so excited to check out at one shop and get the incentive prize that we forgot to ask for their Row by Row pattern. It’s too far off the beaten path to return to again. It was a really nice one though and it gets even nicer as I dream about the one that got away.

In an effort to keep organized in the beginning of the hop, my husband and I each used a gallon zip-lock plastic bag to hold our patterns and fabric squares. We were delighted to receive this vinyl and canvas zippered pouch as our first incentive prize as it held our patterns and fabric squares nicely. We could be seen emerging from the car with the pouch in hand heading straight for the shop door.


It also held the Row by Rows that we were collecting. I also had room in mine to keep a yard or two of fabric that I was trying to match. Here’s how stuffed it was with 72 shop patterns, 72 fabric squares, and 71 Row by Row patterns.

Hingeley Road Quilt Shop in Floodwood, MN went above and beyond in providing us hoppers with patterns. They’ve published several quilt pattern books and gifted each hopper with a 40 page book which includes 15 quilt patterns including one that I have my eye on to use with those new Quilt MN fabrics. This was in addition to their fabric square and 8 inch block pattern! Thank you Hingeley Road Quilt Shop. I look forward to seeing you again. 


In the book, Melissa says “……….my philosophy has always been: A quilt is a sum of your experiences and memories of creating and making it. Quilts are made for the enjoyment and experience, not for perfection. That crooked quilted line is because my 3 year old wanted attention  and pulled on the quilt top, that point is cut off because I had to hurry to meet the school bus, those are the things I think of when I look at my quilts-not ‘I should have been more precise’ life is too short for perfection-just enjoy the experience.”

Many of the stores provided us with bottles of water, coffee, fruit (bananas and cuties), snack mixes, granola bars, chips, cookies, candy and chocolate. We appreciated those sweet little treats for us weary shop hoppers. Some of the shops also gave us fun little freebies to take.


Here’s what’s left of the candy. My husband found a flattened Rice Krispies Treat in his pouch. (I told him it would taste just as good and offered to test it for him; he didn’t fall for it either.) Anderson Factory Outlet and Quilt Shop provided the mini retractable tape measure (it will be handy in my tackle box, err purse), nail file and notepad. The Quilted Ladybug and Rather Bee Quilting gifted us with pens. This is Sew Broadway included a notepad with our Quilt Minnesota patterns and fabric squares.

There was a shop that included a thank-you with my purchase.


Thank you ABC’s of Quilting in Grand Rapids, MN for that sweet little fat-eighth. it’s perfect for my black and white project.

The Metro section was giving free charms with a $10.00 purchase and I netted some.


The fish is just a scale width over 3/4″.  These probably will be sewn onto a project since I don’t wear bracelets. Three more charms are hiding in a safe place. I didn’t want to lose them and now I can’t find them! I sure hope they’re not in my tackle box (purse) as they will be lost forever!

The incentive prizes from each section were a really big catch.


Northwest Section-12 Batik fat quarters: Northeast Section-Layer cake (21 10″ squares) of Flannels: North Central Section-Snack Pack of 42 2.5″ x 44″ strips (We had our choice of snacks and we each selected the red and white without consulting the other.): East Central Section-9 solid color fat quarters: Central-lunch box:  Southeast Section-Zippered Vinyl and Canvas Pouch and 5 quilt patterns: Southwest Section-12 fat quarter bundle: Metro Section-entered into a drawing to win some fabulous prizes. If one of us wins, you’ll be some of the first to know.

It’s official; we are now part of the SWAT TEAM!


A fun little prop from Fabrics Plus, Marshall, MN that I used as a personal fan until my husband decided to use it to swat a fly.

Now onto the really good deals that seemed ALMOST FREE.

The best deal I found was at DeAnn’s Country Village Shoppe in Litchfield, MN. They were having a sale in their demolition room (clearance). So for just $3.00 per yard (that’s correct—no typo), I was able to catch two excellent quality backings for quilts. However, this could also be the “fish that got away” as I wish I would have bought even more!


The orange with white dot is 7.75 yards of Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Joanna Figueroa for Moda. The text print on the right is Odds and Ends by Julie Comstock for Moda.

I was working on a project before we left and this text print would be perfect. So I reeled it in and said I’d take all that was on the bolt! It was a whopper at 8.5 yards.


In case you’ve been thinking that I’ve just been lying around resting since we got home, I will let you know that I now only have 3 yards of that text print left.


But that’s another upcoming post with an interesting story that I will warn you will require a box of tissue.


I only bought 3 fat quarters on the trip this year compared to the 125 I bought last year.


Those two green fat quarters were a steal of a deal at only $1.50 each at Anderson Factory Outlet and Quilt Shop in Blackduck, MN.

Each store in the Central Section had a special Dollar Ditty promotion. If you spent $10.00, you could purchase the promoted item for just one dollar more. I purchased  some of them. Since the policy was one ditty per person, I did what every devoted quilter would do. I divided my purchases in two so my husband could also buy some.


The seam gauge and measuring gauge together counted as one dollar ditty from Cottage Quilts & Fabrics in Elk River, MN. I’ll keep the little sewing kit in the car as we live by the Boy Scout motto “Always Be Prepared.”

Finally, some of the stores even gave us “invitations” to come back. How can I say no?


Coming up next: A look at which of the 2016 Quilt Minnesota Fabrics didn’t get away. But first I have some zucchini that needs freezing and now the crab apples are ripe enough for making jelly. 

What I Learned Today:

  1. Free is always fun!
  2. Life is too full of regrets. Fabric at $3.00/per yard is an incredible deal. I should have bought more. Next time shop more so there are less regrets.
  3. I still worry about perfect seams.

Question: What was the best deal you ever found?


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Tu-Na Travels: Day Four on the MN Quilt Shop Hop: 258 Miles, 8 Shops, Car is Filling Up

Today started early as we said goodbye to our daughter and headed towards the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Our snacks in the car have been dwindling. Yesterday, we ate the last of the banana bread that I made at home before we left.

Banana Bread 1a

Years ago, my  Mom gave me a great recipe for banana bread and for years I’ve made it but it has never looked this good before.

Many of the shops along the way are treating us to snack mixes, bottled water, candy, chocolate, and even fruit. It is so appreciated and we feel so welcomed. Thank you very much!



Someone is going somewhere. The suitcase on the right reminds me of my mom’s which she showed me lately but mom’s is loaded with fabric!


My top shop on the hop pick for today was Eagle Creek Quilt Shop in Shakopee. The cart pictured above is located outside the building along the sidewalk just to the right of the picture below.



Eagle Creek Quilt Shop is located at 333 Second Ave W., Shakopee, MN.

This quilt shop, located in a beautifully renovated Railroad Depot built in 1909, opened for business on June 28, 2001.




However, that is not the building that the owners had  intended to use for their shop. They originally had renovated another building at The Landing in Shakopee. In January 2001, just six weeks before opening, that building burned to the ground. While fire was destroying all of their hard work and their fabric inventory which was still in boxes, the two owners, Lori and Becky (who is now retired), began talking about the future of their business. Upon Becky’s urging, the old railroad depot was selected for their new location. Lori said, “It was a disaster” since it had been vacant for 30 years after the railroad stopped using it. The old depot was purchased and another renovation project begun.



The original floors were cleaned and polished and  woodwork was refinished.


The depot has 16′ high walls which gives lots of space to hang quilts. To add to the charm, they have retained the names of each of the rooms. Here in the freight room, you will find batiks, wools, and Kaffe Fassett among other items.




The telegraph room has…



remnants of the telegraph equipment high on the wall.


Classes are held in the Women’s waiting area which sports it’s own women’s restroom. Back in the day when this depot was built, women had a separate room to wait for their train to arrive.



In the Women’s Restroom (since it is the only restroom in the building it is also available for men as well), look up and see this wonderful original light fixture. The original men’s restroom is now the business office.


Lori and I are talking in the Main Passenger Waiting Area. The ticket window is between the white shelves.



“My business partner and I didn’t want to be the biggest shop in the world,” says Lori but at 2400 square feet, the shop boasts a wide selection of fabrics including batiks, Kafe Fasset, contemporary, traditional, historic, and the largest selection of wool in the Twin cities.




In 2003, American Patchwork and Quilting named Eagle Creek Quilt Shop as one of the top quilt shops in the country for that year and in 2007 it was one of the 20 best shops ever. Look for their cookbook, coming in October, which will contain 450 recipes with proceeds going to their local food shelf.



Several antique sewing machines are on display in the shop.


Lori’s advice for beginning quilters is to find a good quilt shop and take classes there as that can help you avoid making mistakes. She says getting involved with your local quilt shop will help you with your quilting questions and also provides a way to build friendships through socialization opportunities. Eagle Creek Quilt Shop offers a monthly Breakfast Club with food, fun, demonstrations of a new technique or tool, and a free pattern. Click here to visit their website, to learn more about the Breakfast Club and other events and classes, and see more pics.



Lori showing us railroad pins and keys that belonged to her grandfather. I bought 2 yards of the Minnesota Oar fabric.

“If you have to work, it might as well be fun.” says Lori. I guess they got it right as Kathy, one of their 12 part-time employees says, “It’s (Eagle Creek Quilt Shop) my happy place.”

When you visit Eagle Creek, be sure to take a selfie with the most photographed quilt in the shop and tell them that Tu-Na sent you.



Oh, dear. I forgot to take my picture with it. I guess I’ll have to go back to see them again.



We completed the SE section and received this project tote. It will come in handy to store my patterns and charm squares that I collect along the route and also hold the piece of fabric that I am trying to find in black. Inside the tote, is the free pattern and 5″ square of the elusive fish fabric from Eagle Creek Quilt Shop. This colorful fish fabric is the one that is selling FAST! Luckily I spied some, cast the credit card, and caught 2 yards.




Hello Minneapolis! We are now on our way to dinner with my friend and her granddaughter.




Dinner tonight at The Good Earth is Sea Scallops with Caramelized Bacon, Pesto Risotto, and Pea Tendrils. I didn’t know tendrils could be eaten. They were tender and tasted like peas.




And a Dark Chocolate Cherry Smoothie.



What I Learned Today:

  1. The sign I saw at a shop along the route was right: I shop faster than I sew.
  2. When bad things happen: pick yourself up, make a new plan, and keep going.
  3. Spending time with a very good friend is time well spent. Thanks Jann!


Question: Is your local quilt shop located in an interesting building? I’d love to hear about it.

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