Tu-Na Quilts: The May Bee Blocks Were on Their Way Before Month’s End

May’s Bee blocks were so much fun to make and again were hard to send away as I wanted to keep them for myself. I thought by doing these Bees I would be able to narrow down all the quilts I want to make but instead I’ve lengthened my list.

I may not have made much progress with the elephant quilt this last week as I was busy with cleaning the sewing room and organizing the stash but the May Bee blocks are done and gone. I’ve also made my own block to request from my Bee mates which I will reveal on another post.


This 16″ faux nine patch in a nine patch block went to Irene in North Carolina.


Irene, who is a member of the Bee Inspired Group wanted pale grays or soft gray and white fabrics with no other colors. Yes, that itty bitty 9 patch almost in the center has pieces that finish at 1/2.” The slightly larger 9 patch in the center of the block has pieces that finish at 1.5.” I find it amazing how big 1.5 inch pieces are after working with 1 inch pieces. You can read Irene’s story and get the pattern tutorial here if you’d like to make some for yourself. She’s making this quilt for herself and I also included a little reading material within that block just in case she can’t sleep.


Since it was quite large, I carefully folded it and put it in a small manila envelope. It mailed for 70 cents.

The next block I tackled actually took longer to pick out the fabrics than to sew it. I had pulled so many different fabrics but finally settled on this.


These cats went to Jan in California.


Each cat block is 9 1/2 inches so she asked for two sewn together. I’m glad she did as they look so cute next to each other. Jan’s post and simple tutorial can be found here. The pattern comes from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. If you’d like to make a batch for yourself, you can watch Jenny demonstrate these Pins and Paws Blocks here. Jenny is fun to watch and she makes sewing anything seem so easy.

I put these cats in a legal size envelope but they were overweight so it cost 70 cents to mail with a word of caution from the postal worker that fabric gets caught in their machines. So I’m hoping these little beauties make it safely to California.

Finally, the last block for the month was completed and I had a really hard time sending it off. Luckily for me, I have at least a yard of each of the fabrics and they have been set aside so I can make a stunning star quilt for myself.


Cathy in Montana is the recipient of this beauty.


The pattern and tutorial for this 12 1/2″ unfinished Double Star block can be found here. While it looks complicated and I dreaded doing it for a long time, actually almost all month, it really went together well. I learned a new way to make those flying geese that didn’t waste fabric. I was really leery about that method on the tutorial but it worked really well. I followed Cathy’s advice to  increase the 2 7/8″ pieces that are used for the half-square triangles (the teal dot and navy on my block) to 3″ and trim after sewing. 

Cathy asked us to choose a fabric to fussy cut for the center and then match another fabric for the accent points. She’s hoping for a rainbow of colors. To round out the quilt and to provide some color consistency to it, she asked for navy, white, and gray fabrics and told us where to locate them in the block. I can’t wait to see her quilt as I think it will be stunning. It mailed for 49 cents.

I must admit that when I first pulled that coneflower fabric off the shelf, I thought it to be rather ugly but I needed something that could be fussy cut. So I looked at what I had for the accent and settled on the teal dot. Wow! Now I want to make a whole quilt of teal coneflowers.

Oh, and I have ugly yellow coneflowers with a green background and ugly pink coneflowers with a brownish background. I wonder what I could pair them up with?

What I Learned Today:

  1. There’s always more than one way to solve a problem or make flying geese blocks.
  2. Joining three Bees might have been a mistake as it was supposed to help me narrow down the list of quilts I want to make but has instead increased the list.
  3. Sometimes the things or projects I dread the most actually end up being the best.
  4. I need to be sewing in my sleep or hire someone to sew for me so that I can start and finish making all the quilts I want.
  5. My quilting life is so full of choices, decisions, and endless possibilities.

Question: Have you ever had any difficulty mailing fabric or hearing that it got caught in the postal machines?

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17 thoughts on “Tu-Na Quilts: The May Bee Blocks Were on Their Way Before Month’s End

  1. peggycooperquilts

    Love all your blocks and color choices. I have never had a problem mailing fabric or quilts but after reading your post I am thinking harder about it. I will try to find some of those ‘plastic’ type mailing envelopes to use. I think they are called Ty-Bak or Ty-Vak or something like that. When I order from Missouri Star Quilt they use them to mail my fabric. They are very light weight and being plastic do not get wet when the mail person leaves them on the porch.


  2. rl2b2017

    Oh, this was such a fun post to read. I love the coneflowers – and I am note a flower fan usually. I think that would be a fantastic quilt – you HAVE to put it on your list to do. The dotted fabrics were just a perfect choice. Sorry that your list got a little longer but it is just a necessary add! ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. thedarlingdogwood

    I love that big star block! So pretty, and your fabrics are great! When you mail your blocks, are you using standard envelopes? I never get mine as low as 70 cents but I’m using smaller manila envelopes.


  4. June @ QuiltQuest

    Very pretty blocks!

    I will read back to hear more about the bees you are involved in.

    When mailing blocks I would wrap them in plastic wrap or plastic bag and then put in the envelope. Never had anyone report back that the blocks were damaged. But a few times people said they didn’t receive them, so I had to remake the blocks and resend. (In one case the lady fessed up she had just misplaced the original envelope – oh well.) However, more often people wouldn’t let me know when the envelope did arrive or send a note to me at all! So the last time I was in an online bee I paid extra postage to be able to track the delivery. Guess I wanted more interaction than the groups I signed up with were willing to give.

    I really like the idea of online bees and swaps but now sticking with just my own work but very much enjoying what others are doing and posting!


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  6. Suzanne

    Gosh, the coneflower star block is gorgeous. Luckily you have enough fabric to make something in the same colourway for yourself. And should you decide you don’t like it any more… I’m sure there are plenty of quilters happy to take it off your hands ☺


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