Tu-Na Quilts: She’s Arrived!!!

The proud parents and Dr. Tu-Na are pleased to announce the arrival of Lily Rose at 2:41pm Central Time today. She measures at 7.5″ x 8.5.”

elephant 8a

Here she is on the delivery table (ironing board) shortly after birth. I notice I still need to cut the cords (thread) yet.


Mom and baby are doing fine. Delivery went faster than expected.

Dad is snorting to all that Cha Cha (grandma) says that Lily has her mother’s nose. 

elephant 6a

The doctor, however, is tired and may go take a nap.

(The free pattern for this adorable small elephant can be found here on the Sew Fresh Blog. Thanks, Lorna! See my previously written post here (Tu-Na Quilts: We Have an Elephant Parade) for more info about this new mom and dad.)

What I Learned Today:

  1. Being creative is tiring!
  2. So is writing two blog posts in one day!

Question: A baby elephant is called a calf. A baby rabbit is called a kit —short for kitten. Who knew? What are other babies called?

Thanks for stopping by,

Karen A.k.a. Tu-Na, DOQ (Doctor of Quilting)

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19 thoughts on “Tu-Na Quilts: She’s Arrived!!!

  1. rl2b2017

    Hi Karen,
    Aww, Lily Rose (I’m partial to that name!) is just adorable. I’m glad she is being sandwiched between her parents for now . . . she’ll be bigger soon enough. ~smile~


  2. Susan

    Too cute! The baby animal that came to mind is an eyass (pl eyasses), which is a baby peregrine falcon, which nest every year at City Hall in San Jose.


  3. Sandra Walker

    You had me going thinking you’d got another grand baby! Love this sweet elephant; that quilt is on my bucket list… I have that very same turquoise fabric your new arrival is resting upon.


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  5. Kathleen Scargle McCormick

    Very sweet little elephant. I’ll go with ducklings…one of Boston’s favorite baby animals.


  6. Susan

    Dr. Tuna, Your delivery is perfect. My son and his two children ( 3 and 11) returned from visiting my BABY and her family (hubby and 2 boys (6 and 11)) in Albuquerque. It was the best vacation I think I’ve ever had. We went to Explora – a hands on science museum? for kids of all ages. The kids took the grands swimming. We took the Rail Runner from ABQ to Santa Fe and back. The grands all loved each other. Jaxon (6) tired of Jessica (3) calling him “Alan”. She heard her brother call him that for some reason and her dad’s best friend is Alan so she quickly knew picked up that name. I have been thinking of the animal quilt for Jessica and I might except I just bought 10 yards 2 $4/yd of nice cotton for her a quilt and ??? as soon as we get things arranged for her own room. I have enough rooms for everyone to have his/her own room. Daddy has full permanent custody of her now. Thanks for making my day, Tuna.


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  9. inquiringquilter

    What a beautiful elephant parade! Little Lily is so cute. Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss!


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