Tu-Na Quilts: We Have an Elephant Parade

Maybe two elephants don’t really make a parade yet but this elephant couple is expecting their first baby and it’s coming soon. Well, actually, an elephant baby is called a calf and then this could be a parade.

elephant 1a

The free pattern can be found on the Sew Fresh Quilts blog by Lorna.


Did you know that the gestation period of an elephant is 617-645 days— almost 2 years? Elephants have the longest gestation period for mammals. I wonder if there is any living thing that is longer? And I thought 9 months was a long time to be pregnant.

elephant 3a

It’s a good thing that this baby quilt has not been in the works for 2 years. I better get working on it to get it finished. Besides that, this little one (elephant) will be making his or her appearance soon–maybe even this afternoon. Will it be a boy or girl?

elephant 4a

I first posted about this quilt here (Tu-Na Quilts: Let’s Make Elephants). The pattern for this large (8.5″ x 11.5″) elephant can be found here on the Sew Fresh Blog.

Update: The baby elephant has arrived!! Read all about it on this post if you missed all the excitement (Tu-Na Quilts: _____’s Arrived!!!)

What I Learned Today:

  1. Thinking about a project takes more energy and time than just sitting down and doing it. Those elephants were rather easy to sew.
  2. Work more and procrastinate less.
  3. I’ve learned a lot of group names from you. It’s been fun and interesting to read your responses. If you think of more, go back to here (Tu-Na Quilts: A French Poodle for Moi) and comment. It will help me gear up for our Trivia night when I go back to AZ.

Question: Pick an animal/bird/insect/reptile/etc. What is its gestation period? Here’s one to get you started. Rabbits spend about 31 days in “the oven.” And that explains why we have so many rabbits running around our yard and in the garden this year.

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13 thoughts on “Tu-Na Quilts: We Have an Elephant Parade

  1. Mari

    Love the elephants! I love this quilt. Don’t know about any gestation periods other than my own, but I can tell you that was long enough!


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  3. thedarlingdogwood

    Love your elephants! I’m using this pattern as my Rainbow Scrap Challenge block this year and I love making these elephants! I have always been glad I wasn’t an elephant in terms of pregnancy–2 years sounds like forever! Squirrels gestate for 45 days.


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  6. inquiringquilter

    Ha! You’re so right about procrastinating! Sometimes when I get to sewing I just dawdle and dream about colors and fabrics! Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss


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