Tu-Na Quilts: A Christmas Tree for the Kids

I didn’t want to bring up all the Christmas decorations this year when we arrived back at the northern house just two days before Christmas. But I didn’t want to be nicknamed “Tu-Na the Grinch” or “Tu-Na Scrooge” if I didn’t at least do something to decorate the house for the holiday.

So I thought I’d use some felt and make a tree to put on the wall. I cut lots of circles: large, medium, and small for the decorations, while my daughter-in-law cut the tree shape. She made it a very full tree to hold lots of felt circles.

tunaquilts 1a

Tu-Na Helper used Command strips to hang it on the wall.

It is a big hit with all the little kids and the big ones as well. They can decorate and redecorate the tree as much as they wish.

What I Learned Today:

  1. One is never too old to decorate a tree. Even I had fun decorating this tree.
  2. My daughter is a very good cook. She is baking homemade Biscotti right now.

Question: Did you put up a tree or not this year? You’ve seen the extent of my Christmas decorations for this year above.

Thanks for stopping by and do come again.

Karen, Tu-Na Quilts

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11 thoughts on “Tu-Na Quilts: A Christmas Tree for the Kids

  1. selina

    I love your tree. What a terrific idea. To answer your question, yes I did put up a tree. This year I even decorated it. In addition we have a weird tree that’s a cross between a palm and a pine that someone gifted us that lights and I decorate it with all the hand made ornaments I have received over the years.


  2. Jean McKinstry

    My tiny little tree was so easy to do, the sprigs of Lawsoniana stuck into a VERY old oblong brass flower spike that was my Mum’s. But next year, I really want to make the fabric tree from O Tannenbaum. Did you save the pattern? I have it if you would like it. About door length and width, and so pretty. Yours is a fab idea, and with others to help, a family fun combination. A scrooge… Never!!! Happy New Year up north in the deep cold!!!


  3. Karen

    I guess you go to Arizona before Christmas then go back for Christmas and then back to Arizona again? if that is the case I guess it would be kind of a lot of work to decorate and then to clean it all up again and put away before you head back out again.


  4. piecefulwendy

    We did finally get a tree, but not until after the 16th. Later than usual. I have a December birthday, and my mom always waited to put the tree up until after my birthday. My family has adopted that “rule” as well, so nothing goes up until after the 12th. We leave it up later too. Hope you are staying warm and cozy up in those frigid temps. We aren’t going out much here, for sure!


  5. KJ

    What a great way to do a fast tree. I can see it would be fun to rearrange the “garland” . No tree for us as a certain feline, who shall remain nameless, would be climbing it as soon as it was upright. I do one for Halloween but it stays in a locked room and goes outside on Halloween day and then goes back in the locked room until I can put it away. Two years from now we will be in a condo with a solarium and there will be a tree then, in the solarium where we can enjoy it and that adorable feline can’t get to it.


  6. Jan O

    Very clever – I can imaging little kids having lots of fun moving ornaments around, and no one has to tell them “Don’t touch.”
    Wishing you a happy new year –


  7. Kathlee McCormick

    I love it! I was so not ready to put out Christmas, due to having just gotten things in their places from our move. I did it and am glad, makes it feel a bit more like home. I have had a small artificial tree for years, due to cats and always traveling at Christmas. It is really easy – can wait for a day I can throw on the music and do it. I do wish I still had my mothers “aluminum tree” that hung on the wall! I didn’t decorate in Maine this year, where I don’t put up a tree. I kind of like this solution if I can’t find that shiny wall tree she had.


  8. thedarlingdogwood

    Such fun! I like your felt tree, and that the decorations can be moved! We did put up our artificial tree and some of the ornements–just until my little guy got bored, and then we stopped! It was a good afternoon activity. I love putting up the tree but hate taking it down!


  9. Leslie Schmidt

    That was a very festive solution. It’s nice to have something that little kids can participate in.Yes, we did put up a tree. We’ve had an artificial tree for about 10 years. We don’t put up every ornament we have, but I like to use most of the ones I made. For many years now, I have made ornaments for each of our kids, even for our daughter who died 14 years ago. I have done counted cross stitch, needle punch, felt appliqué, and even some 3-dimensional figures with felt and wire and glue. One year I made paper-pieced ornaments. You’d think I had enough, but I still buy new ones at craft shows every year.


  10. inquiringquilter

    Love it! What a practical solution to the difficult problem of whether or not to decorate at the last minute for Christmas. I bet the kids just loved playing with the ornaments! Thanks for linking to Wednesday Wait Loss.



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