Tu-Na Travels: Happy Easter!

I didn’t have to travel far to find this beauty.

tunaquilts 2a

This cactus is called an Argentine Giant.

It was located right next door.

tunaquilts 1a

The blooms only last 24 hours. They kind of remind me of an Easter Lily.

What I Learned Today:

  1. Don’t wait too long to enjoy the beauty; all too soon it is gone.
  2. I don’t have to travel far to find beautiful things to see or do.

Question: What’s on you menu for today? I have to start cleaning out the freezer, as we’ll be leaving this house next month and heading north, so we’ll have turkey. It was on sale at Christmas time and I bought two. When I checked the freezer later last week, they were both still in there.

Thanks for stopping by and do come again.

Karen, Tu-Na Quilts

15 thoughts on “Tu-Na Travels: Happy Easter!

  1. Barbara Mitchell

    Happy Easter 🐰 yes,the cactus does remind me of an Easter Lily….we have several in our park as well….such beauty….we will be headed West next month as well so cleaning out the fridge is on my list too. Love the elephant quilt!


  2. Carolyn J

    Karen, I broke down and bought a small, apartment size chest freezer before we left and filled it with my turkey that was from Thanksgiving, all the chicken I buy on sale and the frozen orange juice we made from our fruit trees and filled the rest with cereal and baking stuff… it was full to the brim! So, have a turkey waiting for me when we return. Kept meaning to roast that darn bird all during Jan, Feb and Mar and it didn’t happen. Love seeing those flowers since I miss them!


  3. rl2b2017

    Thank you again for sharing these beauties, Karen! WOWEE – the blooms look huge. Are all those little bumps additional potential blossoms, too? Yum – turkey. Better have them soon or it will be way too hot for you to have the oven on. It was only 17 degrees this Easter morning – chilly for church and egg hunts – and they are talking about more snow for baseball opening day. That’s just wrong but we can’t argue with Mother Nature. ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. Catherine

    Happy Easter Karen! Thank you for your posts! I love the cactus and we do need to take time to look for beauty in the world! We had ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, baked beans, and veggie/relish tray. It was delicious! We had apricot cream puffs and angel food with berries for dessert! The Easter Bunny was cold as it was only 15 degrees in the morning! Tues, there is a winter storm watch for Mankato, MN. They are predicting 6 – 9 inches of snow. You may want to stay another month in AZ!


  5. thedarlingdogwood

    I love cooking turkeys more often than just Thanksgiving! I cooked a ham on Friday and ate the leftovers yesterday (Easter) in sandwiches for our picnic at the zoo. Our Easter tradition is to go to the zoo because it’s not very crowded.


  6. Demaris Soso

    Love those flowers and miss seeing them this spring. 2 turkeys, girl, get with it and bake them up, will make a lot of good sandwiches for the trip home.


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