Tu-Na Quilts: One Monthly Goal for April

It’s time to quilt, bind, and mail this cute little elephant quilt this month.

tunaquilts 2a

This quilt is titled “She Has her Mommy’s Nose” and uses the elephant pattern available from Sew Fresh Quilts. You can find the large elephant here and the small elephant here.

That’s my one monthly goal for April.

OMG 2018 Blog logo Apr

I’ll be having a busy month but I want to complete this one so it doesn’t have to travel with me back to ND a second time but rather fly airmail to it’s sweet little recipient. It should arrive just in time for the warmer weather that’s in the forecast. 

What I Learned Today:

  1. There is a lot of truth in the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun.” March was a busy month. The end of April will be here before I know it.
  2. Chairing a building committee is a lot of work. I spent one day this week visiting sewing rooms in neighboring villages, one day in meetings, and Thursday’s agenda includes another full-day of sewing room visits to gather ideas.

Question: My quilt group is preparing a fundraising campaign for a fiber arts center in my AZ village. We need a campaign slogan of 3-6 words that is catchy and will invite our residents to stop, open their wallets, and give. Any suggestions? I’m also looking for fundraising ideas/activities. What things have you done to raise money for a group?

We are joining forces with the knit and crochet group who will also be using the one room building. So far, we’re planning a Lefse sale and a quilt auction. But it will take more money and work and I suspect more fabric and flour to make this building a reality.

Thanks for stopping by and do come again.

Karen, Tu-Na Quilts

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17 thoughts on “Tu-Na Quilts: One Monthly Goal for April

  1. piecefulwendy

    I’m thinking on catchy slogans, but the only thing coming to mind is “Feed your Fiber” haha! I have no idea why — maybe I’m thinking Fiber Arts Center and lefse? Anyway, for fundraising ideas — how about a quick little fiber art craft that could be tried either free (with a donation, hopefully) for a small fee? I’m not too good at fundraising, etc., but thought I’d throw these out there.


  2. Karen

    I have no idea for this I’ve not participated in anything like this so no help to you. I am glad to see that your elephant quilt is coming to an end though for you


  3. Barbara Mitchell

    You are one busy lady….the quilt is just adorable..your community is so blessed to have you working so hard for your new Quilting building….good luck on the fundraiser🍀


  4. davemelvanolan

    Congrats on getting the elephants ready for quilting! As for fundraising… I saw a progressive dinner and the local restaurants offered the various parts of the meal. For example, one place offers appetizers, the next offers soup and salad, the entree’ at the next one and a final one for dessert. It allows for different seating times and if the restaurants have a cash bar, they may be willing to donate the cost of the food. or a discount. Good luck!


  5. Lisa

    the elephants will be wonderful. My guild raises funds by having quild members donate mini quilts. The quilts are labelled and there is a paper bag for each mini with it’s number on it. People buy lets say 3 tickets for $2 and they write their name and phone number on a ticket and drop the ticket into the bag corresponding with the mini they would like to win. We always do this at our guild shows.


  6. Kathleen McCormick

    I hope you succeed, it is a great quilt. I was thinking of this quilt on a sewing retreat – someone is looking for an elephant pattern. Do you have the name of pattern/designer? I


  7. Demaris Soso

    Don”t tell me that the association expects the sewing group or club to pay for the building. I can see you having a few money making projects to help but it won’t happen if they don’t have a building fund to make it happen.


    1. Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats Post author

      The association will pay for the building. Our group will need to pay for everything that makes that building unique for our group such as cabinets, cupboards, kitchenette, beefed up electrical, sewing tables, chairs, cutting table, design boards, etc.


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  9. allisonreidnem

    Here in the UK there are some opportunities to fund raise by collecting recyclable items. Plastic pens and plastic milk carton lids for instance. Maybe you could get your community involved in something like that? Textiles recycling would be very appropriate 🙂


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