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Tu-Na Quilts: One Monthly Goal for March

Tu-Na Helper asked, “How are you coming along with your one monthly goal?” I sighed as I knew he knew the answer. For the second month in a row, I did not complete my one monthly goal. Some of you may think that’s not bad. However, it was the very same goal for both months.

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Tu-Na Quilts: February Goal

I didn’t do too well last month so let’s try again this month. January’s One Monthly Goal was to finish and mail the elephant quilt.

tunaquilts elephant 28a

I laid the elephant quilt on the guest bed and figured out what needed to be done to make the rows the same size. (They were sewn on two different machines and are not equal in length.) But that’s as far as it got as we were getting overnight company. So I gathered up the rows and they’ve been hanging over the ironing board ever since.

And then I got distracted making some pine trees for my Bee Inspired Bee Mate

tunaquilts 3a

You can find the free pattern here.

and this super cute mixer which I wrote about here. Now you can read my post on the Bee Inspired Blog here and why I needed to sew one and who gets it.

tunaquilts 1a

You can find the free pattern here.

I also spent a couple of all day sewing sessions working on a mystery quilt hosted by my Arizona quilting group.

tunaquilts 1a

I picked up this tip to keep organized with the steps by putting the pieces into labeled zip lock bags..


tunaquilts 2a

I completed these pieces for day one of the mystery quilt. I must admit that I spent a lot of time checking out the fabric choices of the other class members as well as just chatting.


tunaquilts 3a

Here’s a wonderful batik quilt. Even Tu-Na Helper likes this one.

I did lots of volunteering in my AZ community in January: making popcorn for Monday Movie Days, clearing and resetting tables for the Sloppy Joe Lunch, being in charge of ticket sales for the shuffleboard club, and chairing the membership committee for the quilting group. That brings me to this month wondering what happened to the rest of January.

I’ve got several projects needing to be finished this month that I could list here but I want to keep this elephant quilt as my One Monthly Goal. After all it really needs to get done!

OMG 2018 Blog logo Feb

So February’s goal is to finish this cute elephant quilt top, quilt it on the longarm, bind it, and put it in the mail.


What I Learned Today:

  1. I suffer from MPD (Multiple Project Disorder).
  2. I am also afflicted with DSD (Distracted Sewing Disease).
  3. I have a problem with time management.
  4. There’s so much to do all the time here at “winter camp for seniors.”
  5. I need to use my time wisely as it will continue to pass quickly no matter what I do or how much or how little I get done.

Question: What do you do help with time management?

Thanks for stopping by and do come again.

Karen, Tu-Na Quilts

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