Tu-Na Quilts: I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

Be Done by Thirty-First’s Midnight 

I know that little ditty needs work but at least it rhymes. I’m hoping it will still spur me on to complete this project as a finished top by the end of May.


tunaquilts 5a

This pattern is The Keyhole Quilt by Missouri Star Quilt Co. Click here to read more about the beginning makings of it and see me in the company of Jenny from MSQC. 


It would be a bonus if I was able to use my AZ group’s longarm to quilt it this month before I head north. But I’ll be pleased as punch if only the top is finished. So that’s what I’ll claim as my One Monthly Goal—to sew all the blocks (I believe there will be 35) together and add borders to complete it to a finished flimsy—on Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal May Linkup.


What I Learned Today:

  1. I have less than two weeks to work on this goal if I also want to use our longarm before we leave.
  2. The Arizona sun must be very bleaching. Here’s a picture of my rose shortly after it opened. tunaquilts 1aTu-Na Helper planted this yellow rose bush a couple of weeks ago in our backyard. That is the color it’s supposed to be. However, here’s a picture of the same rose just two days later.tunaquilts 2aIt’s almost completely white! 
  3. The Saguaros are starting to bloom. tunaquilts 4a
  4. Blooming Saguaros are very difficult to photograph. tunaquilts 5aI zoomed in for a closer look.
  5. I felt short standing next to that Saguaro and then I found this one. It’s only about 4 feet tall.tunaquilts 3a

Question: Are flowers blooming where you are?

Thanks for stopping by and do come again.

Karen, Tu-Na Quilts

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25 thoughts on “Tu-Na Quilts: I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

  1. Leslie Schmidt

    There may be flowers blooming around here, but I’m happy just to see buds on trees and leaves pushing up where our lilies and hosta will be.
    Good luck with your OMG. Love the color scheme.


  2. Kate

    Good luck on your OMG for May. Love those fabrics you are using for this project. My roses haven’t bloomed yet, probably this next week we’ll see a few.


  3. rl2b2017

    Hi Karen,
    I love those colors in your new quilt! I made a queen size quilt for my sister in those exact shades, and she is still using it. Of course I adore the cacti in bloom! WOWEE – it just amazes me each time you share photos just how gorgeous they are. And I am 100% sure the sun is very strong and is bleaching the rose but I also think it changes colors as it dies – at least mine here do. Just a guess! Happy Friday! ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. Karen

    my roses usually fade a bit but not that much. The dark pink rose that I showed the other day is lighter now but you can still tell that it was pink — better get busy on that quilt girl if you want to use the long arm before you leave!!


  5. Kathleen McCormick

    Good luck on OMG! Yes, the daffodils and forsythia are blooming as well as the blooming trees – crab Apple, and cherry blossom – finally. Seems very late this year.


  6. Shirley Clark

    The cactus blooms are really pretty. Our roses tend to fade here too. Our Azaleas bloomed the first of April. The day lilies will start usually at the end of May. The sweet olive trees are blooming now, and smell so good until the blooms start dropping. Then they smell awful. LOL


  7. Doris Turbes

    Here in Minnesota we have at least a week to go yet before we see any blooms, even on the Daffodils which are usually done by now.


  8. Susan Shaw

    The yellow rose was beautiful. It sure didn’t seem to last long. My japonica was lovely orangey pink. It blooms and as the blooms are dying, the leaves appear. I transplanted it from my homestead in WV to OK and planted it to hide my gas meter. We were fortunate to have a very, very mild winter this year. I’d love to plant some more flowers this year. The quilt is beautiful. Hopefully you will have it done by the end of May. It’s always great to have goals.


  9. Barbara Mitchell

    Love the colors and quilt pattern..with all the hot weather this week you can stay inside and quilt….the sun sure faded your beautiful rose. I have so many sewing projects I won’t get done before I head West for the summer too.


  10. Bonnie in Va

    Love your blues and yellows. Hopefully you’ll have a top with quilting on it. Nose to the grindstone and all that. (On the other hand, any reason why you can’t stay an extra week?) All of the flowering trees have flowered and are leafing out. There are azaleas blooming around town. My day lilies are getting fuller but no flowers yet. It’s been a really cold spring and then BOOM! Summer hit with days in the low 90’s. Hopefully, we’ll get more normal temps next week.


  11. Sandra Walker

    Can’t wait to see this quilt in the fabric I just worked with! Oh yes, Spring is busting out all over here: magnolias: whites, light pinks and dark pinks are starting, cherry blossoms, our crabapple is about to open probably this week, and my rhododendron is opening, just glorious everywhere. How I love Spring!


  12. plstockwell

    I saw that on MSQC. I want to do it too. I really like the colors you picked. Flowers are blooming like crazy here in San Jose. Love this time of year. Best of luck on you OMG


  13. dondim

    Did you know you are a wealthy woman because of the many arms of your saguaro? I certainly could not afford to buy it! And I wouldn’t because it would die so fast once the autumn winds started blowing here and the winter winds froze it. Your blues are so pretty together. Have fun on your travels. The quilt can wait!


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  15. JoanG

    Hi Karen, I just made a keyhole quilt using the Missouri star pattern. It is such a fun quilt and so quick to make. I used a jelly roll in blues, greens and creams. Loved all your pictures of the cactus flowers.


  16. Flashinscissors

    Visiting you from Sandra’s DrEAMi.
    Your blocks look lovely Karen, such pretty fabrics! Good luck on finishing by 31st.
    Great photos of the Saguaros.
    It’s summer here and we’ve had so much rain that our roses are growing really well, probably the best I’ve seen them, like the peonies we’ve had this year too!
    Barbara xo


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