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Tu-Na Eats: Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

At first, I thought I should change the title to “Tu-Na Drinks” rather than eats but after reading this you will agree that the title is correct.

#3. I like fresh squeezed orange juice.

I mean — I really like — fresh squeezed orange juice.


We have an orange tree in our backyard in Arizona. It’s wonderful to run outside in the winter come mid-January and grab a couple of oranges and juice them for breakfast.


I set the juicer to the largest opening to get the most pulp. I’ve noticed that the oranges that I pick later in the season are bigger and juicer. One orange was so big it yielded a half cup of juice.


Some of the oranges have a bit of green on their skins.


Here’s how big they were. That’s a 1 cup Tupperware measuring cup on the left.


It didn’t seem to matter as they looked the same in the inside and were just as juicy and tasty.


The orange on the left had green on the outside.


This year our harvest lasted into the first week of April. In fact, fruit was hanging on the tree while the tree was blossoming in early March. The air was very fragrant for a few days.


When my grandson came to visit us the first winter we lived here, I offered him a glass of my fresh squeezed orange juice. He drank it slowly. When I offered him juice the next day he replied, “No, thanks. I don’t like to have to chew my juice.”


A spoon (ok. a plastic spoon) can remain standing in a cup of my fresh squeezed juice.


What I Learned Today:

  1. Next January, when the oranges are ripe, seems like a very long time away.
  2. Juice made from oranges bought at the Fruit/Vegetable market or the grocery store does not taste the same as that coming from our tree.
  3. I still have some fresh grapefruit that needs juicing. 
  4. There is no need for us to plant a grapefruit tree. Grapefruit is found in abundance in our village. People pick their trees and leave the grapefruit in boxes along the curb or put it in the common areas such as our village’s pool or library for others to take.

Question: Pulp or no pulp?

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