Tu-Na Quilts: My Three Month Plan

Before I started my blog, I joined the finish-a-long party but haven’t been back since. Life happens. Because I need all the motivation and encouragement I can muster, I am linking once again. It’s an International affair hosted by a group of bloggers from around the world. You will find the link at the bottom of this post. Look out party goers, Tu-Na’s back! 

2018 Finish A Long LogoTu-Na’s January, February, and March Finish-A-Long projects

  1. The Elephant Quilt. I posted about this quilt here in Tu-Na Quilts: Let’s Talk About the Elephant in the Closet. This is my January goal for OMG.

    tunaquilts elephant 28a

    This one needs to be done soon. That baby is growing up and now has celebrated her first birthday making this quilt a very important one to finish. It’s a good thing that it’s a larger one that will fit a toddler bed but is still small enough for her to snuggle under.

  2. The I Wish You A Merry Quilt-A-Long Quilt. While this one should be a finished flimsy by January 15th to be eligible for a wonderful grand prize, I’m not sure it will make it. But it would be nice to have it done by the end of March. You can read more about it here and find the patterns which are free through January 15th. It’s a fun one to sew and kept me in stitches while I was waiting for and then recovering from eye surgeries last year.

    tunaquilts 16a

    It needs some sashing and a border. I’ve tossed around a lot of ideas and have drawn up a fun twisted ribbon sashing. Can I get it done in a week? Not likely. Can I get it done by March?Hopefully.

  3. The Poodle Quilt. My Bee Inspired bee mates made all but two of these. It sure would be nice to have this one done by the end of March or before. This quilt is destined for my Arizona, Paris-themed, guest room and we’re getting guests this winter. I wrote about this poodle project here on Tu-Na Quilts: Now, We Have an Elephant Parade, here on Tu-Na Quilts: A Poodles Came to Play and here on Tu-Na Quilts: More Poodles Came to Play. 

    tunaquilts 1a

    I thought these were all the poodles until I was home in North Dakota for the holidays. I found a poodle peeking out from under a pile of fabric on my ironing board. That naughty little rascal thought he could hide. But I tucked that one into my carry on bag and can happily report he’s joined the others who are excitedly awaiting the arrival of 4 more (all left facing). They are in the incubation phase; the fabric is gathered.

  4. The Cheerio or Lifesaver Quilt. Good grief, I can’t even decide what to call this one. This was my Stash Bee block request for 2017. I’ve only received blocks from 6 hive mates (I made two-the top middle and top right one pictured below and one person sent two) so I’ve got several more yellow and orange ones to make but these are large and easy to sew. I should get that done by the end of March or earlier so it can be entered into my AZ quilting group’s quilt show.

    tunaquilts lifesaver

    Indecision might stall this one. These are some gorgeous blocks. I need to make either three more for the bottom and add sashing and borders for a nice lap size. Or make it 4 blocks wide by 5 blocks long and skip the sashing and borders. Or offset them with sashing and make some partial blocks for the sides. Yes, I notice that one block has peach tones. I might make a few more blocks with those tones to help it blend or decide to do something else. Sometimes, it would be nice if someone would tell me what to do.

  5. Twelve Strawberry Pincushions. I’m needing some more little gifts for Valentine’s Day and have these started. I’ll be using my handy dandy Crushed Walnut Dispensing Bottle that I first blogged about here on Tu-Na Quilts: The First Reveal—What’s Inside the Stocking? and using the technique described in my post on the Strawberry Pincushion here on Tu-Na Quilts: Tu-Na Quilts: The Second Stocking Stuffer Reveal—You Mean There’s More? These teepees need to be gathered, filled, and topped with green leaves and a white curtain ring which I need to purchase yet.

    tunaquilts strawberry pincushion

    I’ve got 12 of the half circles sewn into teepee shapes. Yes, we’ve joked about them already at my Wednesday evening quilting group.

  6. Two Container Pincushions. I bought these cute little cups at Goodwill before Christmas. They would make great gifts although, I might keep one for myself. I will use the same technique as the pail pincushion described here on Tu-Na Quilts: The First Reveal—What’s Inside the Stocking?tunaquilts cup pincushions
  7. A Pillow for My Living Room. Several years ago I fell madly in crafty love with this free pillow pattern from Cluck, Cluck Sew that I first saw here. I’ve been looking for the right fabric for the petals ever since and finally found it at Goodwill last month. I’ll use the gray for the pillow and back. tunaquilts pillow
  8. The Mystery Quilt. My AZ quilting group is offering a mystery quilt class and I decided to accept the challenge. This is the first time I’ve done a mystery quilt and I’m a bit worried about my color choices. The requirements said we only needed three high contrasting fabrics: light, medium, and dark (fabric for borders are optional and I chose the navy (pictured below) since I didn’t have enough of any of the others from my ND stash. The print fabric is a Timeless Treasure 8 yard piece that I found at Goodwill for $2.50.). I am a half yard short of the white for the background and am thinking about using the print as the background instead. It might give the quilt a totally different look. Maybe I’ll ask the teacher if that would be ok or if I should find a similar white on white half yard piece for the background. This class should be fun. We start on Wednesday. I can almost hear Tu-Na Helper groaning about my starting yet another project. (Tu-Na Helper, if you are reading, just skip over the next two items.)tunaquilts mystery
  9. A New Table Topper. I wasn’t able to attend the class for it at my AZ quilting group last month but I heard that it’s being offered again. I brought fabric back from my ND stash when I was there for Christmas.

    tunaquilts tabletopper

    I saw another quilter use this chili pepper fabric for this project and I knew I had some at my ND house that needed to be used. Her topper turned out beautifully. I hope she doesn’t mind using her idea. After all, copying is the highest form of flattery, at least that’s what I’ve heard.

10. Put a Little Love in Your Quilt. I’m participating in that blog hop hosted by Just Let Me Quilt and am scheduled to post on Feb. 6th. This will be a small wall hanging for the outside of my front door. It’s time I put something out there since we took down the metal artwork three years ago; something that says a quilter lives here. I’m using the pattern for the block found here and of course making some changes to it. But I don’t want to give all my surprises away, so you’ll just have to stop on back in February to see it.

tunaquilts love quilt

I raided my scrap bag for some pinks, reds, and whites.

What I Learned Today:

  1. I’m exhausted just reading through the list above.
  2. I’ll have a very busy three months.
  3. I have to make time for savoring the sun. It was 76°F and sunny yesterday. We’re back in Arizona.
  4. I have lofty goals and good intentions. All of these projects may not get done by the end of March but I’ll do my best and move them along towards that goal. I have other blog hop projects with March and April deadlines that I have NO IDEA what I’m doing yet.
  5. Modern technology is great until I run into a problem which I don’t know how to solve or maybe it’s just that it’s the “new and improved” version which is giving me problems. I still can’t figure out why programs are changed; it was working perfectly before. 

Question: What stalls your projects? For me, indecision is the biggest hurdle. There are so many possibilities and I want to make sure I use the very best one. In the process, projects get set aside and sometimes forgotten while I decide. 

Thanks for stopping by and do come again.

Karen, Tu-Na Quilts

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22 thoughts on “Tu-Na Quilts: My Three Month Plan

  1. Karen

    you have way too many projects going on LOL – I wouldn’t be able to keep up with you. I guess I do not make long range plans – I want to keep working on all the projects already started but I do not give myself deadlines – I know I won’t keep them – life gets in the way.


  2. Sandra Walker

    A couple of things struck me reading this: the lovely bright colours! And phew! yup, thats quite a list! I can see why you’re tired just reading/thinking about it! I have to write my FAL post yet, but I’ve been mentally making a list…


  3. piecefulwendy

    I so thoroughly enjoy seeing what you are up to, Karen! You have some fun quilts coming together. What stalls my projects? Stage fright — what if I do it wrong and wreck it?! Or a new technique that I’m not sure I’ll be able to do (usually when I do actually tackle them, I find them easy and wonder why I waited so long).


  4. rl2b2017

    Hi Karen,
    Those are very lofty goals but you can achieve them all! It sounds like you have made the decisions for everything so there is nothing to stall you. I say switch the white and print in that pattern – it WILL look different but it will still be beautiful. Nothing wrong with different! I really had to giggle when you told Tu-Na Helper to skip the next two items. heehee I’ll be reading along and surely do hope you are enjoying the 76 degrees and sun. Sounds heavenly. ~smile~ Roseanne


  5. Danette

    Loved your list! I enjoyed reading about your pincushions. I may try them some day. I’ll have to admit, I was getting a little exhausted at the end, also.


  6. Ella

    I love the poodles! I like the peachy block from the cheerio. Have you thought about treating the nine like a center of a medallion and adding two sets of borders? On behalf of the FAL crew, thanks for joining up!


  7. Kathleen McCormick

    That is some list, Karen! I will celebrate each finish and know that those that don’t make it this time, will next time! I get stalked by not enough time or other things rudely skipping ahead in line!


  8. quiltinggail

    Hi Karen! I love the elephant quilt … but I do love elephants! I was thinking that #3 should be called “Lifesavers.” That’s what I immediately thought of when I first say it and then I giggled when I read that was one name you were considering! Happy Quilting!


  9. Sandra Walker

    The finish along is great and I’m glad you are coming back! I find it does motivate me even though I never finish every item on my list, and I’ve learned to make my list is shorter, LOL! This looks like a manageable list, however, life as we know it, often has other plans. Good luck.


  10. smilesfromkate

    That is a lot of work in three months Karen. That said you have some wonderful projects, I am especially drawn to the poodles, wonder why? Hehe! I love your elephant quilt too, so cute. Come on Karen, you can do this, just give up on eating sleeping and housework and you will be fine, I’m cheering you on!!!


  11. Marti

    That’s quite a list! It makes me tired too. I went back to read your post about crushed walnut shells in pin cushions. I’d never heard that before. I always use fine steel wool. Do walnut shells work better?


    1. Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats Post author

      Good question. Walnut shells give some weight to the pincushion and will help sharpen the needles and pins. It will seep thru seams so I recommend a tight or short stitch length and press any seams to the side and not open. I also add a bit of poly fiber fil to the opening area to help keep the shells in as you close the seam. I’ve read that fine steel wool (not containing any detergent) will work too but doesn’t add the weight. A combination of the two can also be used.


  12. Kate

    You have some really fun projects in the works. I love those poodles! The elephant walk is very so cute and very fun. Good luck with your goals. Finishes can be hard to come by, so just remember that progress counts too. Not for prizes unfortunately, but I always feel better knowing I moved everything on my list just a little further along.


  13. Julie Stocker

    Oh, what stalls a project here? Usually that my skills haven’t caught up with my ideas. Is that perfectionism? And also that I put a project away half done, and just forget where I need to pick it back up. I’m starting to leave myself little project notes along with each one I put away so I can get back at it quickly.. Seems to be helping more than reinventing the wheel each time.

    I love your teacups, btw, and the fabric is perfect! I would have to start there, if it was on my list.

    Do enjoy your time in the light, though. Maybe a project to take outside and stitch in the shade?


  14. Lynette

    Love the poodles! And the elephants! This is a great list to work from. I always get puzzled when people say a list is too long. 1) It’s not theirs, so why are they worried in the first place. 2) I use these lists as an organizing tool, and since you can’t count a finish for the end drawing unless you’ve listed it up front, my philosophy is to list way more than I know I will finish so everything I do finish will count. Plus, with a big list there’s also room to change your mind about which one you feel like working on next. 🙂 Big lists are awesome!


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