Tu-Na Quilts: QAL by the Sea Block 9

Welcome to the ninth block reveal
for the QAL by the Sea!

This QAL is brought to you by Partners in Design: Where Friends and Fabric Meet.

Presenting: Setting Sail

I created this 12.5″ (unfinished) block pattern. You can find it  in my pattern shop on my side bar or here.

I can see a whole fleet of them in a quilt. You’ll find this pattern in Tu-Na’s Pattern Shop for only $3. Download your pattern today and start your sailing adventure.

Tu-Na Helper and I had a sailing adventure while on the annual Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop four years ago. I wrote about it here. It was a sweet memory.

Tips and Tricks to Constructing this Block

  1. Body Building Made Easy. Give your fabrics body by spraying them with starch, letting dry, and then ironing. It will be so much easier to cut and sew smaller pieces. 

    I prefer Best Press. I buy it by the gallon. Spray well, let dry, then iron.

  2. Put a Stop to the Frizzies. Even if you feel like you are fraying around the edges, you can stop your ribbon from doing so by using Fray Check. Just put a line of it on each side of the ribbon notch and then let it dry.
  3. Label. Label. Label. At the last minute, I inserted a page of labels in the pattern just for you because I know how busy you’ve been and I know, from experience, this is one place most quilters think they can save time. Cut out the labels and either pin or clip them to each of the pieces as you cut them. You’ll save time and reduce mistakes. If you have fancy pins with letters on their heads or Alphabitties, use them instead. Seeing how I have neither and you probably don’t either, these will come in handy.

See These Hosts for More Construction Tips

Look for bi-weekly inspiration from these bloggers.

Karen @ Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats — Thanks for stopping by.

Sherry @ Powered by Quilting

Becca @ Pretty Piney Quilts

Sandy @ SandyStar Designs

Abbie @ Sparkle On!

Laura @Slice of Pi 

Jennifer @ Inquiring Quilter

Join this QAL

You can join in anytime. Find the complete schedule here. This QAL is divided into three segments each containing four blocks with a two week break between segments for a chance to catch up. Blocks are released on Tuesday mornings at 8 am Eastern time until all 12 blocks have been released. You’ll find the schedule for segment one below.

After you’ve sewn your block, share a picture of it on our Partners In Design Facebook page, or on Instagram with the hashtag #qalbythesea. We, as well as others who are quilting along, want to see them and be able to comment and encourage each other.

Segment 3: October 13, 2020 — November 10, 2020

(Find the blocks for Segment 3 on these Partners in Design blogs)

October 13 — Block 9: Karen @ Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats — Setting Sail
October 20 — Block 10:  Sandy @ SandyStar Designs —
October 27 — Block 11:  Abbie @ Sparkle On! —
November 3 — Block 12: Karen @ Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats —
November 3 — Segment 3 Wrap-up and linky provided for prize entry
November 10: 7:59 am Eastern time — Deadline to enter a picture containing all four of these blocks for the Segment 3 Prize package
November 10: Segment 3 Winner Announced

December 1: 7:59 am Eastern Time — Deadline to enter a picture containing all twelve (12) of the blocks for the GRAND PRIZE package. 

The Grand Prize is going to be amazing! To enter just make, take and post one picture that contains ALL 12 blocks (they don’t need to be made into a finished quilt top or projects but if you do, be sure that all 12 blocks can be seen). More info coming soon.

Enter to Win Segment and Grand Prizes

Entering to win is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Everyone (You must be 18 to be able to enter to win prizes) gets to participate. There will be two prizes awarded for each segment and for the Grand Prize: U. S. and International. You do NOT need to have a blog to enter.
  2. Make all four of the blocks in this segment provided to you free of charge for this event. Use your own fabrics and embellish them as you like. If entering the giveaway, the blocks should definitely be recognizable as made from these free patterns. Take one picture with all of them included. Finished projects or a quilt are NOT a requirement for entry.
  3. Post one picture that contains all four of your blocks and tell us if you are US or Abroad by 07:59 AM EST, November 10th, 2020 either on
    • Partners in Design Facebook page  OR
    • Instagram with the hashtag #qalbytheseaus or #qalbytheseaabroad OR
    • Linky found on any of the hosting blogs on the wrap-up post at the end of each segment. **Be sure to comment if you live in the US or Abroad so we know which entry to put your block in. We will not have a separate announcement post for you to use this time. Please post in the main channel where you’ve been posting. 

Segment 3: Prizes and Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors for the following prizes for Segment 3!

One U.S. Winner Receives:

One International Winner Receives:

  • A one year Premium e-subscription to the Online Quilt Magazine *(You will gain access to more than 50 pages of great Quilting Stories, Hints and Tips, How To’s and Bonus Patterns each and every month.)
  • A PDF pattern from these designers:

Becca Fenstermaker’s Madras About You quilt pattern
Kathleen McCormick’s Blooming Desert quilt pattern

*Everyone can sign up for a free standard edition of the Online Quilt Magazine by clicking on that link. 

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What I Learned Today:

  1. Forgetfulness is ok. I made Apple bread last week. I forgot the cinnamon. It was delicious. I made it again on Saturday but remembered to add the cinnamon. It was delicious, too. But I think I’ll forget the cinnamon again the next time I make it.
  2. New and improved versions usually are not improved. WordPress (my blog platform where I write and post) updated a new and improved version and I can’t find or do anything. The help center did not respond when I asked them to give me back my old one. It’s taken me over 8 hours to get to this point.
  3. I am not happy. See #2 and #4.
  4. Sometimes crying just doesn’t help. I’ve been overwhelmed lately with apples, Covid restrictions and worries, helping with our Fiber Arts PowerPoint Presentation and Speech, working on zoom committee meetings, and getting ready to head south. I hurt my wrist and may need to get some medical attention. I highly suspect that I’ve injured it more than I want to, or have time to, deal with right now.
  5. I am not as clever as I think. I wanted to give that sun block a pair of sunglasses but after really looking at it today, I noticed that I can see his eyes. If he were wearing sunglasses, I shouldn’t be able to do that. Maybe they are new technology sunglasses that don’t turn dark in the sun. But, I’m wondering if I should insert black fabric in the lenses.

I have to end on a positive note. These yellow apples are delicious and juicy! They are good for eating and I used them for the apple bread. We picked 500 pounds from one tree!

Question: Tell me about your sailing or boating adventures. If you haven’t already done so, read about my adventure here. It was a great day and Tu-Na Helper was surprised that I actually set foot on the sailboat. I’d do it again.

And just where is your life preserver? I actually didn’t even think about it at the time we were out on the water. They did have them onboard or so they told us when we arrived back at shore.

Thanks for stopping by and do come again.

Karen, Tu-Na Quilts

If you enjoyed this post and would like to read more about me click here. If you don’t want to miss any blocks for the QAL by the Sea, please consider following me by email, Bloglovin or WordPress; just subscribe using one those options found in the sidebar (or below on a mobile device) on this blog, Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats.

At this time, I am not affiliated with any of the items, products, services, or shops that I picture or talk about here on Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats. I just happen to like and use them.

©2020 Karen Thurn Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats

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19 thoughts on “Tu-Na Quilts: QAL by the Sea Block 9

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  3. Lori Smanski

    Thank you for this wonderful block. Thank you for the detailed instructions This is wonderful. Reminds me of when our family of seven went sailing for a week around the Jamaican islands many years ago. We had a captain and have so many memories from it. My sister and I were snorkeling and a small shark went right by us. About half the length of me. I was only twelve at the time.


  4. lynn bourgeois

    Thanks Karen for a fun pattern. This morning the sea outside my door is quiet, and the sun is shining brightly. A perfect spot for this little vessel


  5. Gretchen Romanelli

    Love the sailboat block. I kayak but haven’t been on a sailboat since my honeymoon over 30 years ago in the Carribean. A day of anchoring in private bays and snorkeling and sailing back watching the sun set. Gotta go back.
    Take care of that wrist. It may be nothing that needs medical intervention but can cause worse problems if it does. I have had carpal tunnel surgery on each hand. Waited too long and have permanent damage on right. No residual damage because I didn’t wait for the left hand surgery and therapy.
    Good luck with blog issues. Technology is great when there are no problems.


  6. Rochelle Summers

    Hi Karen: You seem up to your eyeballs in apples and alligators (blogging problems). I’m so sorry for the troubles. In spite of them you made a wonderful block and a great pattern. Thank you for sharing. I’m not much of a sailor…most of the time the wind quits and we have had to paddle. Ha Ha. I hope your hand/wrist is nothing serious but having it looked at (an all day affair) may bring peace of mind. Meanwhile, good wishes are coming your way.


  7. Patti

    Very cute and wonderful instructions. Thank you! I am not one for going on the water but I have a fond memory of watching fireworks on the water on July 4th. Very cool!


  8. Leslie Schmidt

    What a detailed-looking block! You put so many cute touches in it. I love the cloud fabric you chose.
    I’m sorry to hear of your wrist issue. I sure hope it turns out to be something minor. Today I managed to run a sewing machine needle through the side of my left index finger. It will probably put me out of commission for a day or so, but a wrist could cause you more trouble.
    Take care and have a safe trip to Arizona.


  9. thedarlingdogwood

    This is a fabulous block, Karen!

    So sorry you are feeling overwhelmed. I hope that your wrist is ok. I actually love your sun with glasses, whether sunglasses or regular glasses or reading glasses, and wouldn’t change a thing! Hugs.


  10. Sparkle On! with Abbie

    Karen, I love you unique and wonderful pattern! I love how my sail boat turned out. Your boating adventure photo is awesome, true exhilaration and inspiration for your block.
    Take care of your wrist (I sound like my Mom!)
    PS I am not at all thrilled with new WP format, in spite of it you made a great post.


  11. Linda Garcia

    I love the block, thank you for the free pattern. I know you spent considerable time and are giving it away, so I appreciate your generosity. For your wrist, I would advise having it checked out. You may need to get an MRI to actually see what is going on with all those tendons that are in our wrists. Getting that done would at least let you know what is going on with your wrist and then you can make a decision about what to do or not to do. Having to deal with medical issues in this time of the pandemic is generally a pain, but I believe it is better to know what is going on than to hope it goes away if I ignore it. This is my humble opinion, so you may choose to ignore it if you like. (LOL!)


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