Tu-Na Quilts: Week Three of the New Quilt Blogger’s Blog Hop

Welcome! I am Tu-Na.

Merely two years ago, Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats was born. During these two years, I’ve learned a lot. Much of what I’ve learned has been from participating in several New Quilt Blogger’s Blog Hops. I’ve also learned a lot by trial and error. Tu-Na Helper says that I’ve taken my blog from being my part-time hobby to a full-time hobby.

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Tu-Na Quilts: I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

Be Done by Thirty-First’s Midnight 

I know that little ditty needs work but at least it rhymes. I’m hoping it will still spur me on to complete this project as a finished top by the end of May. Continue reading

Tu-Na Quilts: Just One Jelly Roll

Just one jelly roll. That’s all that the pattern called for as well as a couple of yards of fabric for borders if desired. The pattern, The Keyhole Quilt, was from Jenny of the Missouri Star Quilt Co. fame. You can find it here.

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