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Tu-Na Quilts and Travels: Day Eight on the 2019 Quilt MN Shop Hop, 5 Shops, 406 Miles, Time Spent with Tu-Na Helper–Priceless

We spent a wonderful weekend in Kalamazoo with our son, daughter-in-law, and three very busy and smart grandchildren.

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Tu-Na Quilts and Travels: Day Seven on the 2019 Quilt MN Shop Hop, 6 Shops, 137 Miles, Only 4 Shops Remaining (or so we thought)

Sleeping-in felt so good. We leisurely ate breakfast at the Hampton Inn in Rochester and then Tu-Na Helper prepared for his virtual conference. I sewed on my hexis, determined to finish all I had brought along. If I did, I would complete approximately 2/3 of what was needed for the project. It’s been my travel project for over a year now. I was ready to move this to the next step—appliqueing them to the background.

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Tu-Na Quilts and Travels: Day Five on the Quilt MN Shop Hop, 8 Shops, 366 Miles, Only 20 Shops Remaining

This was going to be an exciting day. There was a new shop to explore and a region to check out of which meant prizes!

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Tu-Na Quilts: Sew Let’s QAL – Segment Three Wrap-Up

So where’s Tu-Na’s projects. Even she would like to know how she let time get away from her.

tunaquilts 25a

One wall hanging done.

Catch the others later when she is back home from traveling and finished writing about her Quilt MN Shop Hop experience. (You can read the 2019 shop hop posts as they unfold here. There was much shopping and hopping and a whole lot of fun.)

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Tu-Na Quilts: Sew Let’s QAL Block 13 – Who’s Got the Thimble?

Welcome to the thirteenth and final block reveal

for the Sew Let’s QAL!


This QAL is brought to you by Partners in Design: Where Friends and Fabric Meet.

Partners in design

Presenting: Who’s Got the Thimble?

tunaquilts 23a

So who took the thimble?

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Tu-Na Quilts and Travels: Day Four of the Quilt MN Shop Hop, 10 Shops, 252 Miles, Only 28 Shops Remaining

Today would be a busy day visiting many shops. With the help of the Route 4 Me App, Tu-Na Helper had determined our route the night before but I wasn’t so sure I agreed with it or him. We would be leaving the state in a few days driving to Michigan to attend our granddaughter’s baptism and I wasn’t so sure we’d be finished with the state hop by then.

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Tu-Na Quilts and Travels: Day Two of the Quilt MN Shop Hop, 9 Shops, 528 Miles, Only 44 Shops Remaining

We awoke early again. We needed to leave the motel by 7:15 in order to arrive at our first shop of the day by opening time. Tu-Na Helper had consulted the routing App the night before and the first shop on the list wasn’t open until 10 although it was closer to our present location than any others.

Because time was of the essence, he decided we’d go to the second shop on the list first since they opened at 9 and backtrack to get the first shop second hoping to arrive shortly after their opening time. Google said they were 37 miles apart but required 59 minutes of non-stop driving time. That plan sounded like a lot of extra driving miles on slow, winding, lake country roads. But I went along with his plan.

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Tu-Na Quilts and Travels: Day One of the 2019 Quilt MN Shop Hop; 6 Shops; 599 Miles; Only 53 Shops Remaining

Morning came early on opening day which would not have been so bad if I had made it to sleep at a reasonable hour the night before. If you remember from my last post, I only had two days to prepare for this trip and I needed every minute I could find to finish getting ready.

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